Who else wants to get 67% Open Rate & 16% Click-through Rate on their lead nurturing emails?

Without expensive consultants, confusing marketing automation tools or custom development. See how easily you can do it with this 4-step technique

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On average emails get 20% open rate 👎 and 1% click-through rate 👎, but why?

You provided valuable content to your audience. Some visitors have converted into leads. Now, it's time to nurture these leads into sales opportunities and get them to sign up for your product or book a call with you.

However, creating an effective lead nurturing campaign is tough:

Nurture More Leads

Cutting through the inbox noise isn’t that easy

People are constantly subscribing to new newsletters.

If no one opens your emails, then you can’t nurture leads and acquire customers.

People are not ready to buy instantly

It takes 6 to 8 touches to generate a viable sales lead.

Regardless of trial length, people need up to 40 days to pull a trigger on a new online product.

Most marketers don’t put into consideration the buyer journey and send email offers at the wrong time.

Nurture More Leads
Nurture More Leads

It’s hard to send personalized lead nurturing campaigns

If you’re speaking to everybody you’re speaking to nobody.

Most marketers send generic email broadcasts to a large audience with little or no segmentation.

Segmenting your leads it’s often a hard task that requires a confusing marketing automation tool and your developer’s input.

Your content and your product are disconnected

It’s hard to track the impact of your content on your bottom line. You have no clue how many of your leads have converted to paying customers and why.

Nurture More Leads

Here's how Encharge will get you 67% open rate & 16% click-through rate on your lead nurturing campaign

4 simple steps to increase the engagement of your lead nurturing emails

Nurture More Leads

Step 1

Collect leads in Encharge

Connect your lead generation software with Encharge.

Encharge supports 30+ lead gen and form tools including OptinMonster, Privy, Typeform, Instapage, Unbounce, Elementor, Landbot, Zapier, Webhooks, and many more.

Step 2

Segment leads

Send an automated welcome email to all leads asking them to pick up a choice.

Encharge will segment people automatically based on their choice.

You can see how many people and who have clicked on which link.

Nurture More Leads
Nurture More Leads

Step 3

Send the right sequence to the right segment

When someone clicks on a specific link (answer), they get added to a targeted lead nurturing sequence for that specific segment.

By sending the right emails to the right people, you can expect a drastic increase in the engagement of your lead nurturing campaign

Step 4

Increase your engagement by sending to people who have not opened or clicked

Encharge increases your open rates and click trough rates even further by sending follow-up emails to people who have not opened or clicked

Nurture More Leads
14-day unlimited free Trial. No card required

What's the impact of applying these 4 steps on your bottom line?

Want to get that many leads opening your emails?

14-day unlimited free Trial. No card required
"I subscribed to Encharge because of the limitations I encountered in using Intercom for building email flows. With Encharge I was able to customize the email sequences the way I wanted to, and link them to one another in a way I wasn’t able to do it with Intercom. The support is fantastic. The rapidity with which new features are launched helps a lot."