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22 Best Marketing Newsletters You Shouldn’t Miss In 2024 

Ting! Ting! 

Every morning, as your phone exits bedtime mode, you’re bombarded with several notifications.

We all live on our phones. Email newsletters and social media updates feel just like picking up a fresh newspaper every morning. 

Coffee Catching GIF by Progressive

If you’re hooked to emails, I bet you have an alternate inbox just for all the newsletters you’re signed up for. You open the inbox every morning just to get your daily dose of inspiration from marketers around the world. 

Don’t tell me that newsletters aren’t food for the soul for you. If that’s the case, you’re surely missing out on a lot. 

Don’t worry, we bring you a list of newsletters you must sign up for right away. You’d never have a more exciting and enlightening morning, I promise. 

Marketing Newsletters You Shouldn’t Miss 

1. Marketing Brew

Working in a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry can sometimes be tiring. This newsletter will keep you updated and won’t let you feel overwhelmed. The thrice-a-week newsletter covers updates from around the marketing world.

If you’re someone who’s constantly thinking about how the latest trends will affect the marketing world, you should sign up for it. What will the economic policy mean for eCommerce? How will content consumption change the world? 

You’ll find a fresh take on all that’s relevant, along with expert opinions from some of the greatest minds. 

  • Frequency: Thrice a week 
  • Talks about: Interesting stories, expert commentaries, and latest updates from the marketing world
  • Subscribe if: You’re looking for your dose of marketing and advertising news and updates in classic Morning Brew style. 

Further reading: How Morning Brew Makes $13M From Email Marketing

2. MarTech Daily

MarTech Daily comes from the desk of the guys that write SEJ and MarTech, two of the most reliable sources for everything social, SEO, marketing, and analytics. 

This daily newsletter can be seen as a newspaper with updates, insights, expert commentaries, walkthroughs, and future trends. The newsletter seems to be carefully curated to make you feel more “productive” and “informed” after you finish reading it. 

If you are a sucker for marketing reports, events, and data, you should mark their emails as important. The side effect is you’ll become wiser and more data-driven. 

  • Frequency: Daily 
  • Talks About: Everything from social media to mobile marketing, SEO to ads, analytics to latest news and happenings. 
  • Subscribe if: You can’t stay active within the communities but still want to keep an eye on fresh data reports and the latest happenings. 

3. The Clikk

If humor is your best friend and marketing is your forever love, you would instantly fall in love with this one. The Clikk is a daily newsletter that tears down the “hacks”, brings interesting articles from around the web, and deep dives into the inner workings of the marketing world.

A glimpse into TheClikk’s amusing teardown of best articles & resources from around the web. 

You’d get a lot of insight into everything that’s right and wrong with the trends and even first-hand accounts of the inner workings of marketing. Their analogies, jokes, and case studies are so on point that you’d wait for the edition to land in your inbox every morning. 

  • Frequency: Daily  
  • Talks About: Digital marketing trends, and interesting real-life scenarios 
  • Subscribe if: You want daily marketing updates in a light and fun tone. 

4. GrowthHackers

GrowthHackers is one of the most active and sought-after communities in the online world. Marketers, SEOs, entrepreneurs, CMOs, and enthusiasts share their personal insights and stories there. 

Similar to social media feeds, the GrowthHackers community feed is a hotpot of discussions, ideas, case studies, trends, and more. 

Their daily newsletter is a roundup of the most upvoted posts from the community. So, you get a curated email with everything marketers are talking about around the world. The email can be a great start to your day with several ideas inspirations for your next campaigns (or personal projects). 

They also have a blog on Medium that sends a weekly newsletter about marketing, user acquisition, lead conversion, and more. 

  • Frequency: Daily roundup newsletter + Weekly blog
  • Talks About: Lead conversion, inbound marketing, latest happenings, and curated marketing ideas
  • Subscribe if: You want to feel how it is to be a part of a community without the extra effort 

5. Detailed 

If you’re forever chasing an SEO goal at work, this can be your trustworthy confidante. Sharing under-the-hood tactics via their “secret” newsletter, Detailed helps you make SEO goals easier to scale. 

The newsletter brings insider SEO tips from top companies to your inbox. Their blog is a goldmine, and the newsletter is equally compelling. You discover and uncover the methods people don’t find lying around on the internet. 

If you’re an affiliate blogger, SaaS marketer, content marketer, or a brand trying to make it big through classic SEO strategies, you should subscribe to it without giving it a second thought. 

  • Frequency: Two emails per month 
  • Talks About: All things SEO
  • Subscribe if: You love the idea of trying proven SEO tactics without diving deep into the pool of scattered information. 

6. Seth’s Blog

Is any marketing newsletter list even legit without featuring the marketing genius Seth Godin? His simplistic take on complex marketing ideas is something you should subscribe to (if you haven’t already).

Just something that lands in your inbox when you subscribe to Seth’s Blog

The bite-sized articles on everything marketing — content, SEO, blogging, branding, new-age marketing, and a million other things are a gem to read. No words can do justice to the wisdom he pours in short yet impactful newsletter editions. 

  • Frequency: Daily 
  • Talks About: All things content, marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship 
  • Subscribe if: You can’t get enough of the rich insights of his bestseller books 

7. TL;DR Marketing

Curated by Saijo George, TL;DR Marketing is brilliantly on-point for people who hate long walls of texts. 

If you’re looking for an easy-to-understand, no-fluff resource to help you start or improve your marketing efforts, this is it. If you want to maintain your focus in an industry that changes every day, this is the daily newsletter you need to read.

In under 15 minutes, you can browse through the digital marketing world’s latest updates, news stories, and things that affect your business. You can expect articles about SEO, paid media, social media, general tips, and tricks, plus information about the latest jobs in the marketing world when you subscribe. 

TL;DR Marketing Minisite 

The bonus: a fully-functional newsfeed minisite which you can use anytime to browse resources if you don’t like lurking around in the inbox. 

  • Frequency: Daily  
  • Talks About: SEO, social media, general marketing updates, and job openings in marketing
  • Subscribe if: You’re always looking for new avenues and blogs to read online

8. The Daily Carnage

Love the idea of an obedient assistant who updates you with everything you should know as you wake up? Well, this newsletter can be that companion. 

Donna Paulsen Sarah GIF

The newsletter is for leaders, marketers, and nerds who just love going deep into research. If you always feel like you’d miss out on an important industry update (and then waste hours trying to find the correct piece of information), you should check out The Daily Carnage. 

The newsletter sends the latest marketing news, top articles, and handpicked stuff packaged for a quick glance or an in-depth analysis every day. 

  • Frequency: Daily 
  • Talks About: Latest marketing updates, not-to-be-missed articles from around the web 
  • Subscribe if: You want to stay on top of everything without spending several hours every day 

9. VeryGoodCopy

Do you feel you’ve not been giving enough attention to your copywriting recently? Well, subscribe to this one and you’d never feel guilty again.

Every edition of VeryGoodCopy is a rich yet concise masterclass on copywriting concepts. 

Eddie shares his wisdom in this newsletter. He also invites other marketers who he interviews from time to time. If you are into content and copywriting, you cannot miss this one. 

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Talks about: The art and science of copywriting
  • Subscribe if: You are deeply in love with the thought of what copywriting can do for your marketing campaigns

10. The B2B Bite 

If you are tired of “B2B is boring” jokes, you’d love this newsletter. 

Written by Jason Bradwell, the newsletter tries to make B2B interesting. The newsletter shares real and practical B2B marketing strategies in a fun way. 

If you’re hell-bent on breaking the status quo and aren’t afraid to try new things, you should definitely subscribe to this one. According to Jason, if the answer to “Is my marketing where I need it to be?”  is a no, you should give him your email. 

  • Frequency: Weekly 
  • Talks about: B2B marketing strategies that are not all buttoned-up and boring
  • Who is it for: B2B marketers and startup entrepreneurs 

11. Work the Funnel (WTF) 

Chantelle Marcelle covers emerging marketing trends in her newsletter. If you love a good read about what’s about to happen in the future, her curation skills would interest you. 

She also sprinkles her newsletter with a ton of free resources of tools, case studies, research studies, and more. You’d have many newsletter subscriptions in your inbox, but if you want one that is a mix of several things at once, you should just subscribe. 

You Should Do That GIF by Patriot Act
  • Frequency: Bi-weekly 
  • Talks about: Marketing trends, resources, and case studies 
  • Who is it for: Brand marketers and case study fanatics 

12. Marketing Mind Meld 

This one comes from the desk of Kushaan Shah, a growth marketer who mixes his musings about marketing, culture and human behavior, and psychology to bring this brilliant newsletter. 

From the reasons behind what makes memes popular to the fascination with fancy water brands, you’d get a lot to ponder over after reading his newsletters. 

If you are always curious and try to find the reasons behind a brand’s or idea’s popularity, you should give this one a shot. 

  • Frequency: Monthly 
  • Talks about: Marketing ideas, concepts, and human psychology 
  • Subscribe if: You’re a curious mind trying to figure out the reasons behind marketing geniuses. 

13. Marketing Examined 

As you open this newsletter’s landing page, you’d realize the gist immediately — no-nonsense marketing advice.

Written by Alex Garcia, the guy from The Hustle who now manages marketing at Gumroad, Marketing Examined is all about growth marketing. If you constantly strive for marketing success, you will like this one. 

Want to make the most out of the resources at hand to optimize results? Alex’s insights won’t disappoint you. Every week he will give you a lot of ideas to implement straight away. 

  • Frequency: Weekly 
  • Talks About: Growth marketing, optimization, and results
  • Subscribe if: You are looking for simple, straightforward growth tips for your next campaign.

14. Demand Curve Newsletter 

This newsletter is an interesting one for the simple fact that you don’t get ideas and results from a single person. Demand Curve uses its 50,000-strong community to bring advanced growth tactics that everyone’s actually implementing. The newsletter offers real-world insights from Demand Curve’s experience as an agency, plus insights from the community members. 

Expect straightforward tactics and insights in the Demand Curve newsletter

You can expect actionable advice and growth tactics on eCommerce growth, search engine marketing, video, email, and practically everything you’re dealing with every day. If you want some validation on your campaign ideas beforehand, you might want to subscribe to this one. 

  • Frequency: Bi-weekly 
  • Talks About: Anything and everything related to growing a business online
  • Subscribe if: You’re a startup founder or growth marketer looking for fresh insights from other founders and marketers 

15. Marketing Examples

If you haven’t yet heard about it, you might be living under a rock. Harry Dry’s marketing examples attained a cult status sometime last year, and since then, marketers and enthusiasts are swearing by Harry’s examples and case studies. 

Remember such teardown screenshots? This was Harry

You’d get rich, data-backed marketing case studies with proven tactics and examples from famous brands and startups. 

The man behind the newsletter, Harry Dry, wanted to create “Dribble for Marketing” when he started. Today, he has a large community that loves him for everything he shares about cold emails, branding, content, copywriting, SEO, and whatnot.

  • Frequency: Bi-weekly 
  • Talks About: Marketing case studies, examples, and tactics for startup owners and marketing teams to grow their effectiveness. 
  • Subscribe if: You need inspiration (or examples) for your marketing campaigns 

16. Zero to Marketing

Remember the Twitter thread from 2020 where Andrea proposed creating growth strategies for an indie founder every week? 

Well, this newsletter is the result of the tweet. Andrea Bosoni uses his 10+ years of marketing experience to write actionable growth plans. The newsletter edition comes as a 5-minute write-up where Andrea shares how he would grow a business from scratch.  

The newsletter shows the path from Zero to growth for early-stage startups. You’d get a lot of inspiration to start marketing if you read this one regularly. 

  • Frequency: Monthly 
  • Talks about: Marketing tactics to grow a startup from scratch 
  • Subscribe if: You’re looking for a roadmap (or ideas) to begin marketing for early-stage startups 

17. The CMO Journal

Do you know the best thing about newsletters? They’re personal. And if you’re a marketing geek but still love the idea of a “personal” letter, you would like this one. According to him, CMO doesn’t mean Chief Marketing Officer but Chai (a hot beverage), Marketing, and Other things. 

Sairam uses his invaluable experience to talk about product marketing and branding in the newsletter. In every edition, you’d get a chance to deep dive in on a trend, concept, or idea, along with recommendations and case studies from great brands and businesses. 

If you love talking about building and marketing a startup the right way, you should sign up for The CMO Journal. 

  • Frequency: Weekly 
  • Talks about: Product marketing, branding, startups, and growth plans
  • Subscribe if: You love reading personal, detailed guides and recommendations on marketing, and growing a business (among other things) 

18. Playing Favorites 

Need something that inspires you to create something that people love? Jay Acunzo’s newsletter talks about how you can create your audience’s favorite things in this newsletter. 

If you want to keep your craft, community, and customer at the center of everything, this is the newsletter that’ll guide you. He covers everything needed to become someone’s favorite and be loved. 

You’ll discover things about creativity, content marketing, videos, podcasting, etc. All in all, this is not about hacks or tactics but things that will help you earn the trust and love of your audience. 

  • Frequency: Weekly 
  • Talks about: Becoming someone’s favorite by doing the right things in marketing 
  • Subscribe if: You love the idea of organic, user-backed growth and doing things from your audience’s perspective

19. Everyone Hates Marketing

Everyone Hates Marketing by Louis Grenier is an “antidote to marketing BS”. If you are sick of cutting through the fluff, you would love this. The name itself gives you an idea that the newsletter is cutting through all the things that people hate about marketing. 

You’ll discover things that would help you stand out in the crowd, get real marketing examples, and snippets from Louis’ podcast, where he interviews marketing experts from around the world. If you are more about “why” than “what” or “how”, this will become your favorite in just a few weeks. 

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Talks About: The right way to market and stand out in a crowded market 
  • Subscribe if: You are tired of boring stuff and want actionable ideas from real marketers. 

20. Kyle Akerman’s Analytics Newsletter

Are you always striving to find the best way to become more data-driven in your marketing? Then Kyle Akerman is the guy. His newsletter on marketing analytics offers advice, hacks, recommendations, and tips on choosing the right metrics for your campaigns. 

If you practically live inside the Google Analytics dashboard, this one will be an amazing read. The newsletter covers everything about implementing, reporting, analyzing, and optimizing your marketing for maximum conversion. 

Along with short, bite-sized information nuggets, you’d receive detailed walkthroughs on deeper concepts now and then. 

  • Frequency: Weekly 
  • Talks about: Google Analytics and data-driven marketing optimization 
  • Subscribe if: You want to improve your analytics game and become more data-driven 

21. Total Annarchy

TotalAnnarchy by Ann Handley sends a handpicked list of best articles, content, and resources for marketers, writers and creators. If you are all for the love of writing and a fan of Everybody Writes, this will give you a peek into Ann’s brain. 

The newsletter editions are always detailed, written like a personal letter, and gives a lot to think about the intricacies of writing great content, content strategy, and marketing.

You’d get a long-form essay, along with curated pieces and relevant data insights from around the web in every edition. 

  • Frequency: Bi-weekly
  • Talks About: All things content — content marketing, strategy, writing great content
  • Subscribe if: You are a fan of the written word and understand the power of great content

22. How to SaaS

Do you ever dream of launching your own SaaS product as a marketer? Well, if that’s the case (or your founders trust you for taking their product to the next level), you should listen to Shiv Narayanan. 

Shiv shares short, actionable, and practical insights (with lots of drawings and graphics) on SaaS marketing, growth, and strategy in this newsletter. 

Shiv simplifies complex concepts and explains them via line graphics. 

Planning to level up as a marketer or build a strategic mindset in 2024? This newsletter can be a great start. If you are serious about moving to the next level and joining the C-suite, this will give you a glance over marketing’s bigger objectives. 

You will discover a lot of information and advanced concepts to launch and grow a SaaS business.

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Talks About: Marketing strategy and macro-level concepts to increase your growth foresight
  • Subscribe if: You’re looking to launch a SaaS or rise up the C-suite hierarchy by leveraging your marketing knowledge

So, which marketing newsletter are you signing up for today? 

Feels like a long list, doesn’t it? Just wondering which ones would you pick up first. 

Remember, knowledge is everywhere, and newsletters are a great source of inspiration and fresh perspectives. Once you sign up for a few, you’d never have to worry about scrounging the web for relevant content every morning. 

Know someone who deserves to be on the list? Share their newsletter with us, and we’ll add them here.

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