Smart emails to double your trial conversion

Graduate from untargeted email blasts with the most powerful user segmentation for SaaS

15-min review of your onboarding emails

SaaS companies that increased trial conversion by an average of 24%


switching to Encharge

All users receives the same time-based emails. Your onboarding emails are impersonal, and frankly — irrelevant. Conversion rates are low.

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Average industry conversion rate from trial to paid with time-based emails

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switching to Encharge

Send tailored, real-time emails when people do or don’t do something in your product. Create onboarding experiences that convert free users to paying customers.

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Average Conversion Rate with behavior-based emails

15-min review of your onboarding emails

How it works?


Bring in data with 1-click integrations

Bring in real-time user data from your product and your whole marketing stack with easy native integrations. No developers needed.

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User events

Integrate with your product. Send user events from your product to Encharge. Send targeted messages whenever a user does or doesn’t do something.

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User events

Receive user events from Segment destinations. Skip the time for technical integration and build your onboarding campaign today.

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Integrate with your whole marketing stack with Zapier and Encharge. Get access to 1,000 integrations at the tip of your fingers.

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Billing data

Automate emails with native billing data from Stripe. Send an email when a user becomes a customer, upgrades to a new plan, or cancels their account.

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Build an automated sales cadence with HubSpot and Encharge. Start flows when a new lead is added, change a deal stage with triggers, and more.

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Start a flow in Encharge when a new lead or contact is added in Salesforce. Create new leads in Salesforce using triggers from Encharge.

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Forms and surveys

Enrich your user profiles with survey data from Typeform. Automatically qualify users, build advanced flows, and send emails based on their answers.

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Leads and in-app messages

Get new Intercom users and leads in Encharge with a single click. Trigger an Intercom in-app message from Encharge.

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Internal notifications

Send internal team Slack notifications to a channel of your choice. Get notified when a new trial subscribes or completes an action in your app.

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Facebook Ads

Automatically add users from Encharge to a Facebook Ads audience of your choice. Put an end to the endless CSV import-export hassle.

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Get new Mailchimp subscribers to Encharge. Build robust flows with the best marketing automation tool for SaaS.

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User events, forms, and more

Integrate with user data from hundreds of form tools, website builders, webinar apps, and any other product that supports Webhooks.

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+32 more

Integrate Encharge with your favorite form tools, webinar platforms, website builders, and more.

Step 1 - Transition

Create precise user segments

Build audiences with live user data. Target the right people at the right stage of the customer journey.

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Send targeted messages

Send targeted emails and build relevant real-time customer experiences with a robust visual drag-and-drop flow builder.

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“Encharge helped us visually redesign our onboarding flow resulting in a 10% increase in our trial activation rate.”

Camille Richon
Founder Payfacile

Ready to convert 24% more users to customers?

15-min review of your onboarding emails

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