Marketing automation tool built for SaaS

We built Encharge to help SaaS businesses grow their MRR by converting leads and users to paying customers. With a robust flow builder, powerful segments, one-click integrations, flexible email editor, proven templates for SaaS, and personalized help from experts in the field, you have everything at hand to grow your business.

Powerful user segments

Talk to an audience of one with the market’s most powerful segmentation for SaaS companies. Bring in live user data from your website, your app, and your whole marketing and sales stack. Create precise segments from your users’ real-time behavior to send highly personalized emails based on what people do or don’t do in your product.

Segment by:

  • User activity in your app
  • Page visits on your website
  • Live user data
  • User email activity
  • Advanced segment groups

When users sign up, activate a feature, fail to reach an aha moment, or are at risk of churning. Thanks to our API and integration, you can effortlessly bring those events in Encharge and build segments out of them.

A person checking out your pricing page more than 3 times in the last 5 days? Why not reach out to offer help?

From website forms, surveys, and your CRM. Every single answer in your Typeform survey or a field in your HubSpot account can be used to segment people in Encharge.

Segment your users when they open, click, or reply to your emails. Want to target people that haven’t opened any emails in the last 7 days? Just switch on the “Event count” and “Time window”.

Groups allow you to use complex AND/OR rules to build extremely targeted segments of people. There are no limits to who you can target.

Easy to use visual flow builder

Automate complex customer journeys at the speed of thought. Drag and drop steps to design entire user flows — from onboarding to retention. Welcome new leads, help trial users proactively, and nudge active people to become customers. Automate repetitive tasks in your CRM, notify your team on Slack and email when users do things in your app, and more.

Flexible no-code email builder

Design stunning mobile-ready emails without any HTML skills. Send branded emails with a drag and drop ease.

One-Click native integrations

Enrich your user profiles with data from your favorite marketing and sales app. Unlock powerful Triggers and Actions in the flow builder that automate tasks in your whole marketing stack.

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User events

Integrate with your product. Send user events from your product to Encharge. Send targeted messages whenever a user does or doesn’t do something.

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User events

Receive user events from Segment destinations. Skip the time for technical integration and build your onboarding campaign today.

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Billing data

Automate emails with native billing data from Stripe. Send an email when a user becomes a customer, upgrades to a new plan, or cancels their account.

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Build an automated sales cadence with HubSpot and Encharge. Start flows when a new lead is added, change a deal stage with triggers, and more.

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Start a flow in Encharge when a new lead or contact is added in Salesforce. Create new leads in Salesforce using triggers from Encharge.

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Forms and surveys

Enrich your user profiles with survey data from Typeform. Automatically qualify users, build advanced flows, and send emails based on their answers.

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Leads and in-app messages

Get new Intercom users and leads in Encharge with a single click. Trigger an Intercom in-app message from Encharge.

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Internal notifications

Send internal team Slack notifications to a channel of your choice. Get notified when a new trial subscribes or completes an action in your app.

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Facebook Ads

Automatically add users from Encharge to a Facebook Ads audience of your choice. Put an end to the endless CSV import-export hassle.

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Get new Mailchimp subscribers to Encharge. Build robust flows with the best marketing automation tool for SaaS.

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User events, forms, and more

Integrate with user data from hundreds of form tools, website builders, webinar apps, and any other product that supports Webhooks.

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Integrate with your whole marketing stack with Zapier and Encharge. Get access to 1,000 integrations at the tip of your fingers.

Proven flow templates for SaaS

Create a flow from scratch or use our plug and play marketing automation templates inspired by great SaaS companies. Start with a new flow in seconds with one of our lead nurturing, onboarding, or retention templates. All templates include full email texts.

Onboard Trial Users and Help Them Reach the "Aha" Moment

When a user signs up for your product, send them an onboarding sequence.

Convert Trial Users With Targeted Onboarding Campaigns

Send Trial users the most relevant content for them with the help of user data that you’ve collected through the sign-up process.

Push Unfinished Registrations to Complete Signup

If a user has completed the first step of your sign-up flow but hasn’t finished the rest of the steps (for example, not provided billing details), send them a helpful reminder email.

Re-engage Expired Trials

When a trial ends, but the user didn’t convert, Re-engage the user manually. If the user doesn’t respond to your calls or emails, send them an automated re-engagement offer and Facebook ads.

Engage Your Important Trials on Facebook

Add users that have signed up for a trial for a more expensive plan to a Facebook audience and engage them with Facebook Ads with case studies.

Increase Adoption of Premium Features
Product Adoption

Welcome newly upgraded customers and send an educational email sequence to help with the adoption of premium features.

Revive Dead Product Leads
Product Adoption

If a product lead is older than 60 days and not converted to a Premium, send “Are you still looking for a [high-value feature]?”

Educate Users About a Recently Activated Feature
Product Adoption

If a user starts using or activates a specific feature, send them an educational email about that feature to increase feature adoption.

Prevent Inactive Customers From Churning
Churn Prevention

If a customer is not active for more than 10 days, send “Do you need help?” email. If they don't open the email start showing them successful case studies via Facebook Ads to reactivate them.

Prevent Delinquent Churn
Churn Prevention

Follow up on failed payments to prevent churn. Add tag Payment Failed when a subscription is Past Due and remove it when subscription becomes Active again.

Nudge Long-Term Customer to Upgrade to Annual Subscription
Churn Prevention

Nudge a long-term customer to upgrade their monthly subscription to an annual one by offering them a deal.

Capture Leads From a Typeform, and Segment Based on Value

Capture lead information in a form and segment leads based on their Budget input. Send low-value leads an automated email sequence. Assign high-value leads to a deal in HubSpot.

Follow Up On Pricing Page Visit

If a user visits your pricing page more than once, send them an email asking them if they need help with your pricing.

Double the Open Rate of a Newsletter Broadcast
Email Broadcasts

Send a follow-up email with a different subject line to people who haven’t opened your first broadcast. That way you’re going to drastically increase the open rate of the broadcast.

Human help from SaaS experts

Human expertise + software efficiency = Encharge Full Service. Included on all plans. SaaS companies can’t afford to hire a specialist for every marketing function. That's why all flows and emails you create in Encharge get through a careful human review by one of our SaaS professionals. Let us help you convert more free users to paying customers.

Unlimted marketing automation flow and email copy reviews.

Unlimited access to Skype, Slack, and Phone customer support.

Free migration of all emails and flows when migrating from another provider.

Ready to convert 24% more users to customers?

15-min review of your onboarding emails