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SaaS Marketing
Kalo Yankulov

Consumer Behavior Analysis in 7 Steps

Have you ever wondered how great getting inside your customers’ heads would be?  When it comes to SaaS, everything rests on knowing your customers well

Email Marketing Strategy
Stanley Krajčír

How to Build a Bulletproof Email Funnel in 4 Steps

Email marketing goes beyond sending newsletter updates to your customers. Well-timed, segmented, and personalized content helps to nurture leads and drives higher conversions.  In this

Kalo Yankulov

HubSpot Pricing 2024 Explained 

HubSpot is one of the biggest players in the sales and marketing space. They’ve coined the term inbound marketing, and their content strategy has created

Email Marketing
Kalo Yankulov

How to Set Up a Trial Welcome Email?

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably looking for a no-nonsense tutorial on how to set up a trial welcome email for your new users.

Email Marketing
Michael Ofei

Free AI Email Subject Line Generator

Our AI tool can contextualize queries from Taylor Swift, self-publishing, Yeezy’s, and succulents — then spit out seductive email subject lines that would’ve taken a

Marketing Automation Basics
Burkhard Berger

12 Massive Benefits of Marketing Automation

Are you struggling to juggle between your inbox, CRM, customer calls, appointments with leads, and your life (you know, the regular stuff like not forgetting

Lead Nurturing
Stanley Krajčír

8 Lead Nurturing Strategies that Work Today

Lead nurturing generates more revenue, reduces marketing costs, and builds customer loyalty.  Just like watering plants is vital to the growth of plants, lead nurturing

Content Marketing
Pratik Shinde

Top 25 Content Marketing Tools for 2024

In 2023, 82% of marketers invested resources into content marketing initiatives. Furthermore, 67% of marketers report that their content marketing efforts help in generating demand

SaaS Marketing
Ioana Wilkinson

SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy in 8 Steps

Despite the critical importance of a Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, only a third of companies take a systematic approach.  The result?  Disjointed marketing efforts and missed

Lead Generation
Aiza Domingcil

Lead Generation 101: How to get started?

LinkedIn. Facebook. Google Ads. Cold Email. Social media. Inbox invasion.   I’m kidding on the last one (but it can be effective when done right). There

Email Marketing
Mikkel Andreassen

4 Reasons to Avoid Using No-Reply Email

Ever wondered why your email marketing strategies aren’t delivering the results you aim for? Perhaps, your open and click-through rates are nothing short of competitive,

Marketing Automation Basics
Aiza Domingcil

What Is Marketing Automation?

Consumers are getting more and more sophisticated these days. With all these expectations, moving customers through the sales process is challenging now more than ever.