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Growth Marketing Basics
Zachary McDaniel

The Ins and Outs of Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customer lifecycle marketing is a marketing strategy that businesses use to attract, convert,  and retain customers across the buyer’s journey. This approach relies heavily on

Marketing and Sales Strategy

 Personalization in Sales: 5 Ways to Start

Your future customers expect you to provide an experience that’s tailored to their unique needs and wants. If you don’t, your competitors will. In this

Kalo Yankulov

HubSpot Pricing 2023 Explained 

HubSpot is one of the biggest players in the sales and marketing space. They’ve coined the term inbound marketing, and their content strategy has created

Sales and Marketing Operations
Zachary McDaniel

Sales Operations Manager: What do they do?

If your sales team needs effective systems to be more productive and efficient, then the odds are they need a sales operations manager. Or, maybe,

Email Marketing Strategy
Christopher Jan Benitez

Email Etiquette for Marketers: 101

Email marketing is a lucrative channel. Compared to others, it has the highest conversion rates. Some email marketers, though, are too focused on one thing:

Marketing and Sales Strategy
Stanley Krajčír

10 Ways to Automate Your Sales Processes

Sales automation might just be the answer to your team’s selling woes.  No, really, have you ever: Lost a big deal because you forgot to

Email Marketing Strategy
Stanley Krajčír

How to Build a Bulletproof Email Funnel in 4 Steps

Email marketing goes beyond sending newsletter updates to your customers. Well-timed, segmented, and personalized content helps to nurture leads and drives higher conversions.  In this

Revenue Strategy