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Premium Services

Supercharge your marketing campaigns

We can take your Encharge project from planning to launching and optimizing in no time

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3,600+ companies use Encharge to automate their marketing

Our experts, your project.

The fastest way to achieve your marketing automation goals.


Agile Organization

We provide adaptive, in-depth analysis, and one-on-one assistance to help you and your team achieve your goals.

Fast Implementation

We all know it’s hard to meet deadlines. That’s why our team of experts wastes no time when setting up your project.

Direct Communication

We provide direct email and video communication with our experts. Feel free to schedule a meeting whenever you need.


How we can help you

Set up your Encharge account for success — account settings, email autthentication, domain verification, team setup and more.
Design and implement email templates and emails.
Build precise segments for your audience and create a segmentation strategy for personalization.
Create weekly or monthly email newsletters.
Import your contact list from a CSV file or another provider.
Migrate your automations, audience, and emails from another vendor.
Connect and automate 3rd-party apps with Encharge.
Build advanced automations with Events, Webhooks, and more.
Help you automate repetitive tasks.

The process

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Book a discovery call with us.

We’ll learn more about your needs and coordinate the work

2. Send us any requirements.

We’ll learn more about your needs and coordinate the work or additional materials and resources.

3. We implement the work in Encharge!

You will get a weekly report of the hours worked and the hours left in your plan.


Simple pricing. No long-term contracts. Cancell at any time.



$350 / month

4 hours included
Additional hours: $100/h

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$500 / month

8 hours included
Additional hours: $100/h

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$900 / month

14 hours included
Dedicated Account Manager
Additional hours: $100/h

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Are there any long-term contracts or hidden fees involved?

No. You can cancel your premium service subscription at any time.

How do I keep track of the hours left on my plan?

We provide a weekly report. You can also ask your customer success manager.

How do we communicate?

Via email, Slack, or Google Meet. You can reach out to our customer success team at any time and discuss your work.

How many hours is my work going to take to be implemented?

This will depend on the type and amount of work you need to be done. Please book a call with us to discuss your needs and receive an estimate on your work.

Who is going to implement the work?

Our customer success team of marketing automation professionals. If needed, we will recommend copywriters and content creators from our Expert Directory.

Are there any services that you do not cover?

  • Copywriting and content writing services. While we do not provide writing services, we are happy to recommend one of our trusted partners and coordinate the work with them.
  • eCommerce automations and implementations. While it’s possible to use Encharge for eCommerce automations, the lack of native integrations makes the process less than ideal, so we do not recommend using Encharge for eCommerce at this stage.

4.8/5 from 228 reviews
4.9/5 from 158 reviews
4.9/5 from 155 reviews
4.91/5 from 154 reviews

Meet your new marketing automation platform

Customer messaging tools don’t automate workflows outside your product and marketing automation tools are bad at behavior emails. Encharge is the best of both worlds — a marketing automation platform built specifically for startups and digital businesses.

“Encharge helped us visually redesign our onboarding flow resulting in a 10% increase in our trial activation rate."

Camille Richon
Founder Payfacile
See why Encharge is different
Use Cases
Marketing automation
Create user journeys that convert, onboard, and retain customers.
Lead nurturing
Nurture email leads into trial users and customers.
User onboarding
Boost product activation and guide your users to value faster
Trial conversion
Smart marketing automation and behavior-based emails to double your trial conversion.
Success Stories
Landbot automates the onboarding for 80,000+ users while saving 320 hours/month
Samdock reduced the cost and time spent on acquiring a new customer by 77% with Encharge
Aito reduced the time for implementing behavior-based emails from hours to minutes
Convert, onboard, and retain more customers. Grow your MRR with marketing automation for SaaS.
Build advanced marketing automation flows for your clients and grow your agency faster than ever before.
Content creators
Bring your subscribers in Encharge and nurture them into customers with automated email sequences.
Subscription businesses
Create targeted messages and automation flows for recurring-revenue businesses.
Productized services
Automate your services and focus on the important parts of your business.
Flow builder
Create remarkable user journeys with a robust and easy to use visual flow builder.
Send targeted one-off newsletters to your audience or a segment of people.
Behavior emails
Send targeted emails when people do or don’t do something in your app.
User segments
Create user segments with the market’s leading segmentation for SaaS.
User profiles
See the people behind the actions and access the full view of your customer data.
Email personalization
Get your users to act with highly-personalized emails.
Email editor
Design beautiful mobile-ready emails without any HTML skills.
A/B tests
Drive email engagement with A/B tests for your Broadcasts and your Flows.
Lead scoring
Identify interested users and best-fit customers and proactively reach out to them.
Website tracking
Track page visits and form submissions on your website in real-time.
Build and implement native forms on your website with just a few clicks.
Free email verification
Free email verification for all your contacts in Encharge, on all plans.
Transactional emails
Send emails like password reset, payment receipt, single sign-on link from your app.
Company profiles
Nurture, onboard, and convert whole teams with account-based marketing
Custom objects
Store and customize all your data the way you use it right inside of Encharge
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