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5 Courses to Learn Everything About Revenue Operations in 2024

The B2B world is at a crossroads. While most businesses are busy building SaaS-powered workplaces, SaaS founders are puzzled by increased customer acquisition costs. 

You’ve probably also witnessed an increasing alignment between whatever you do and your revenue. 

As the CAC increase, companies are keen on getting a deeper understanding of how to find, convert, and retain their customers. The curiosity has paved the way for creating a dedicated new discipline and team function named Revenue Operations

If you’ve been looking for your next career step as a marketer or someone in sales, RevOps can be a great opportunity. 

Let’s look at how you can improve your understanding of RevOps with some practical courses and learning resources. 

RevOps: A lucrative career opportunity in SaaS 

RevOps aligns marketing, sales, and customer success to maximize revenues. You can say it’s a mix of marketing, sales, and customer service to create a streamlined strategy to bring money to the table for any organization. 

With looming recession worries and venture capital funding levels reducing, revenue generation has become critical for any startup or scaleup. 

At this moment, RevOps strategy has suddenly taken the front seat for any company in the  B2B SaaS space. 

As per the 2022 Customer Acquisition & RevOps Team Benchmarks, 48% of the B2B companies now have a RevOps function. 

RevOps integrates marketing funnels, sales processes, and customer retention/growth strategy to improve transparency, accountability, and visibility relating to revenue generation. 

The same report reveals that:

  • 21% of the companies witness an overall increase in alignment, productivity, and operating margins after introducing a RevOps function 
  • 13% of the companies report an increase in revenue growth, and 
  • 21% of the companies
  •  have reported increased alignment between sales and marketing

According to Gartner, over 50% of the CSOs are thinking of RevOps (or already implementing RevOps) in 2022. 

Siloed work culture and misalignment are common problems. And the benefits have simply made them think of RevOps. 

RevOps is all about empowering teams to work together to improve customer interactions and ultimately bring growth to the company. That’s something everyone’s aiming at. Here’s why it makes sense, too: 

  • RevOps aligns marketing, sales, and other teams to do better at generating revenues. 
  • RevOps manages people, processes, and technology to help organizations make data-driven decisions.
  • RevOps allows companies to discover opportunities and plug the loopholes related to growth.

Considering the need for a leaner and customer-driven organization, won’t it be wrong to say that RevOps is one of the most exciting and lucrative opportunities at present? 

1. Revenue Operations Certification by HubSpot

HubSpot has always been delighting the community with insightful courses through the HubSpot Academy. The RevOps certification is the latest addition to a long list of marketing, sales, customer service, and inbound courses. 

The certification is designed and delivered by industry professionals with real case studies and examples. You can learn a lot about building and managing teams, processes, and systems to generate revenues for a business. 

If you’re interested in how Revenue Operations (RevOps) helps a company scale, you should opt-in for this free certification. 

Consisting of actionable advice on revenue operations, this certification would enable you to design a fundamental RevOps strategy for any company. 

What you’ll learn? 

  • Introduction to Revenue Operations
  • Applying RevOps to the Flywheel
  • Holding Your Teams Accountable With an SLA
  • How to Map a Sales Process
  • Systems Management for RevOps
  • Communicating the Value of RevOps to Company Leaders
  • Structuring Your RevOps Team
  • Hiring RevOps Team Members
  • Evaluating and Iterating Your RevOps Strategy

Who’s it for? 

The course is designed for beginners and someone looking for a refresher on RevOps fundamentals. So, if you’re starting in the world of RevOps or improving your current understanding, enroll in this certification program by HubSpot. 

2. Revenue Growth Architecture Course by Pavillion

Pavilion (formerly known as Revenue Collective)  is a private community for industry professionals seeking support, resources, and learning, to excel in their careers. 

The Revenue Growth Architecture Course by Pavilion is a virtual opportunity that offers live sessions on managing your revenue to achieve sustainable growth.

This course will help you drive revenues based on proven scientific models. Multiple live trainer-led sessions with an LMS of additional frameworks, blueprints, and videos within the course help enhance your understanding. 

Pavillion also offers an introductory and advanced course on RevOps for individuals who need more insights into the inner working of the revenue operations vertical. 

What you’ll learn? 

  • Principles of recurring revenue
  • Recurring revenue operating model
  • GTM operating model
  • SPICED: A diagnostic approach to understanding the impact customers are looking to achieve 
  • Scaling model to identify and optimize key moments in the customer journey for maximizing revenue. 

Who is it for? 

The course is specially designed for growth leaders in sales, marketing, customer success, and operations, particularly executive leaders (VPs, Directors) or managers aiming for career leadership roles. 

3. Unleashing ROI by RevOps Co-op

Unleashing ROI is a goal-driven course offered by RevOps Co-op and delivered by Jeff Ignacio from RevOps Rehab. Jeff has worked at many tech firms, including Accenture, Google, and UpKeep, and is known as a no non-sense RevOps architect in the industry. 

The course is designed to help leaders improve RevOps architecture to boost the RevOps impact. 

You will improve your understanding of RevOps concepts and will end up building an actionable RevOps handbook by the end of this course. 

The course touches on some lesser-known aspects of RevOps over the 10-week tenure to help you instantly implement a RevOps strategy to boost your ROI. 

 What you’ll learn? 

  • RevOps impact  
  • Operating cadences, process design, SLAs, case management, etc
  • Lifecycle design (customer, lead), customer success operations, sales stages, etc. 
  • Setting goals and OKRs, defining North Star Metric, and executive alignment
  • Infrastructure architecture, project planning, sprint/agile management, change management, and cost of ownership 
  • Developing ICP and personal value maps, segmentation, lead scoring, and aspects to kickstart your marketing engine 
  • Understanding sales concepts like pipeline management, forecasting, sales stages, differentiation between leads
  • Building a customer success engine based on customer value maps, case management, capacity planning, etc
  • Compensation plans, cross-functional partnerships 
  • Scaling revenue operations by expanding teams, redefining RevOp responsibilities, and upskilling the current team

Who is it for? 

The course will provide actionable insights to move from a “figuring things out along the way” approach to leveling up your strategy in revenue operations using a structured methodology to take their growth to the next level. 

The course is suitable for professionals oscillating between an individual practitioner’s responsibilities and Director-level needs. 

4. Revenue Marketing Basics by Pedowitz  

This free revenue marketing course takes you through the fundamental principles of driving revenue through marketing efforts. The course is a starter course that will help you understand the basics of engaging online users, leads, and customers to grow revenue. 

You will learn about the elements needed to create a revenue marketing strategy that you can use in your RevOps plan. 

What you’ll learn in this course? 

  • Introduction to revenue marketing, including industry drivers and revenue growth perspective.
  • Revenue marketing journey and the six pillars of revenue marketing.
  • Strategy pillars, sales-marketing alignment, and business alignment for revenue marketing.
  • Defining an organizational structure and talent management for efficient revenue marketing.
  • Creating processes for campaign and data management.
  • Understanding the tech landscape and building a revenue marketing architecture. 
  • Customer journey management and content operations based on customer journey maps.
  • Defining, measuring, analyzing, and reporting the financial outcomes of revenue marketing.

Who is it for? 

Individuals who want to kickstart their career in revenue marketing and professionals who wish to understand the relationship between marketing and revenue. 

This course is also helpful in understanding basic marketing automation principles that you can use to operate marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, Encharge, Marketo, etc. 

5. Sales/Revenue Operations by SAASYSALES Leadership 

This actionable course teaches you the nitty-gritty of sales and revenue operations from global SaaS leaders. The instructors of this course are known for their insightful understanding of sales enablement, RevOps, and everything in between. 

You can learn about the best practices, tactics, and tools used by leading organizations to start or optimize their RevOps strategy. 

What’s unique about this course is that your learning journey is handcrafted based on a psychometric test that tells you about your strengths and weaknesses as an operations professional. 

Upon completing this course, you’ll have a deep understanding of strategic plans you need to implement for growing revenues. 

The course also has a community that connects you to professionals who can help you achieve your goals. 

What you’ll learn in this course? 

  • A customized learning journey based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Evolution of operations functions.
  • Building a minimum viable tech stack based on your business needs.
  • Models, tools, KPIs, and manager enablement to ensure the development of a proactive thought leadership mindset among front-line managers.
  • Compensation design for go-to-market roles.
  • Go-to-market strategy development.
  • Sales processes and methodology.

Who is it for? 

This course is ideal for SaaS and software sales managers, operations analysts, sales ops analysts, and RevOps professionals who want to improve their understanding of best practices used by the fastest-growing tech companies in the world. 

Bonus: RevOps Communities and Learning Resources 

Start your RevOps journey today

Learning a thing or two about revenue operations can be a great idea for you in 2024. 

Not only would you become more valuable to your company, but RevOps understanding will open new career growth opportunities for you as an individual. And if you’re a founder in the B2B space, RevOps understanding would only give you a lot to think about on your path to profitability. 

So, take the leap and start your learning journey today. All the best!

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