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11 Revenue Operations Software Tools to Build a Powerful RevOps Stack in 2022

Imagine this. You’re busy building the perfect product, chasing the best talent for your startup team, and expecting explosive growth in the next 24 months. 

There’s a lot on your plate as a startup founder. With news about recession and global funding winter, you’re keeping your eyes on revenue constantly, trying to forecast better. 

Revenue is critical. But let’s admit it — generating, tracking, and predicting revenue is hard. 

Generating revenue is hard. Everything needs to work well; all moving cogs must be constantly oiled — sales, marketing, customer success. And you need constant visibility through everything. 

A functional revenue operations stack adds more visibility into the pipeline, preps your sales reps, automates manual tasks and helps analyze performance.

In 2022, the data, interactions, and conversations you have is your potential gold mine. A revenue operations software helps you leverage this data across touchpoints to achieve maximum sales productivity

Why use revenue operations software? 

Revenue operations elevate your sales, marketing, and customer service productivity by delivering data-backed insights into what’s driving revenues for your company. 

The process requires creating and deploying new strategies, pricing models, funnels, and whatnot. RevOps involves touching and analyzing several data points — deals, sales funnels, lead nurturing, conversion ratios, etc. to make this happen.

A successful RevOps needs solid understanding and a zero tolerance for errors during data gathering from solutions like email marketing software, CRM, marketing automation tools, and your lead nurturing funnel —  something that’s not humanly possible in real-time, manually. 

A RevOps software automates first-party data gathering from your business to build data-backed reports on the most effective ways to drive revenue. Some even use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict behavioral patterns and a revenue pipeline. In general, RevOps software helps you: 

  • Integrate your sales, marketing, and customer service stack to gather valuable data throughout the customer lifecycle across channels 
  • Bind all the data to derive meaningful insights from different tools, software, and systems inside your organization 
  • Build a single source of truth to optimize your operations for revenue maximization 
  • Provide analytics and insights for better forecasting and pipeline management 
  • Set up and measure your team’s performance in terms of revenue KPIs

Tools to build and strengthen your RevOps stack 

RevOps is a complex function but a necessary growth pill for any organization in 2022. 

Building your own Revenue Operating System involves accepting and integrating tech that enables, predicts, and optimizes everything in favor of revenue generation. 

Source: Forbes

A revenue operating system consists of software, tools, and resources to help you gather insights and optimize your tools, talent, and resources for increasing incoming revenue.

Here are 11 tools that can help you build a solid RevOps function in your organization: 

1. Gong — Revenue Intelligence 

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that shows the existing ‘reality’ and helps companies grow. 

Its Reality platform analyses all customer-facing interactions — calls, emails, video calls, and conferencing and shares insights to improve sales performance and close more deals. 

According to a study by Forrester, using Gong led to: 

  • 27% increase in revenue per sales rep 
  • 20% additional time savings 
  • 53% reduction in onboarding time 

Basically, Gong unlocks a hidden realm and acts as a guide that helps every team member perform better. 

It records interactions, analyses the patterns using AI, and delivers insights on people, performance, and strategy. For example, Gong can tell when a deal may slip and share top performers’ playbooks with the team to improve their sales pitch. 

Gong is a powerful RevOps tool to improve your odds of winning regarding revenue generation. According to G2, the tool has been ranked #1 in the top 100 best software products in 2021 and 2022 with one of the highest customer satisfaction scores. 

Gong usability and satisfaction metrics*

  • Ease of use – 9.3
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 9.4
  • Data Segmentation – 8.8
  • Pipeline Management – 8.9

All metrics in this article are taken from the product review pages of the tools on G2.

2. Clari — Pipeline Management

Clari adds clarity to your revenue pipeline. The powerful SaaS tool helps you improve your revenue operations’ productivity and predictability. 

With Clari, teams can enjoy total visibility and transparency to align buying opportunities and risks and enhance forecasting accuracy. 

Clari is focused on pipeline management, forecasting, and revenue intelligence and targets operations, sales, and finance teams. 

According to Clari, every $1 revenue leak equates to over $9 loss in equity value. And using Clari leads teams to land within 4% of their actual sales forecast. 

The tool positions itself as a solution to discover and plug revenue leaks due to misaligned teams and systems like CRM, ERP, and spreadsheets. Clari helps with sales forecasting, pipeline management, account engagement, sales analytics, CRM automation, and revenue intelligence. 

Their Wingman and Align platform allows teams to discover insights and set the actionable path for each employee directly responsible for revenues. 

Like Gong, Clari captures all interactions and provides insights for sales and marketing alignment to close more deals and drive revenues. 

Clari usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 9.2
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 9.2
  • Data Segmentation – 8.9
  • Pipeline Management – 9.4 

3. Groove — Sales Productivity 

Groove is a sales productivity platform with revenue operations and intelligence at its core. Groove assists account managers and revenue leaders boost their revenue contribution and productivity by replicating successful playbooks or using AI intelligence. 

The platform captures all interactions and activities to give reps (and their managers) interactive visibility into the current pipeline. It also enables them to automate admin tasks — data entry, CRM updates, etc. to save time. 

An enterprise-level, SalesForce-focused tool to enhance sales productivity, Groove is more than just a revenue operations suite. 

Its platform has email activity management, account-based management, campaign automation, and conversational intelligence to empower your team. 

Revenue intelligence and advanced activity capture are the two things Groove is known for in the industry. Their deep ROI reporting and insights have made it one of the highest-rated enterprise solutions in terms of customer satisfaction on G2. 

Groove usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 9.2
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 9.6
  • Data Segmentation – 9.2 
  • Pipeline Management – 9.5 

4. Mediafly Intelligence360 (formerly InsightSquared) — Integrated RevOps

Mediafly Intelligence 360, previously known as Insights Squared, is a powerful solution that adds content engagement, buyer’s intent and sales activity to the revenue operations mix.

The solution integrates deeply with the existing sales, marketing, and operations tech stack to improve sales and marketing alignment and add sense to the vast amount of random data. 

Mediafly Intelligence 360 allows teams to gather all the intelligence needed to predict and control the sales pipeline accurately. Their no-code revenue intelligence solution offers a complete picture of the buyer’s journey. 

The no-code solution can enhance pipeline visibility at every deal stage to improve the predictability of revenue growth. Their USP – accurate predictions using a mix of engagement on your content, buyer intent, and sales activity data. 

Detailed dashboards can be configured to discover the upcoming sales opportunities and individual account health. Successful outcomes can even be used to identify buyer behaviour patterns and discover content that drives revenues. 

Mediafly Intelligence 360 usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 8.6
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 9.2
  • Data Segmentation – 9.6 
  • Pipeline Management – 10.0 

5. HubSpot Operations Hub — RevOps Management

Can we even complete any sales, marketing or revenue generation discussion without mentioning HubSpot? 

HubSpot launched the Operations Hub in April this year with an intention to strengthen its CRM suite and empower operations professionals.  

Operations Hub is a high-end toolkit to connect, sync, and automate your sales, marketing, and CRM operations. 

You can unify the entire pipeline, including customer data, on a single platform. This helps add visibility to revenue operations, save hundreds of hours spent on manual data entry, and trigger sales-focused automation to drive revenues. 

The operations hub can be primarily used to improve data hygiene, automate lead qualification operations, execute complex lead nurturing strategies, and better understand the customer journey. All of this directly impacts sales productivity and, thus, revenue generation. 

The detailed reporting functionality helps do more with existing data and operations to improve your revenue operations further. 

HubSpot Operations Hub usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 9.0
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 9.2
  • Data Segmentation – 7.3
  • Pipeline Management – 7.1 

6. — Real-time Sales Guidance claims to be the only AI-platform RevOps platform to guide sales reps in real-time about the next steps. Coincidentally, the platform has been ranked #1 as the “Easiest to Usе” revenue operations and intelligence platform. works like a highly intuitive and proactive assistant for your team — it recommends the most effective actions to optimize revenue operations based on the playbook of your top performers. 

It not just unearths insights or provides the tools — it covers everything. It’s a swiss knife for all things associated with revenue operations. It has an in-built sales dialer for automating manual tasks, conversational AI for coaching/selling, a real-time sales guide, and more. 

One of the most useful applications for a tool like is to nudge the reps with real-time notifications during calls/meetings about what to say/do based on the conversation with the buyer to keep the deal on track. usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 9.3
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 9.7
  • Data Segmentation – 10.0
  • Pipeline Management – 10.0

7. — Relationship management for RevOps adds a new dynamic to the whole RevOps tool stack strategy. You must have guessed it by the name already. 

But if it’s still not clear, let’s clear the air. 

The tool uses a patented AI tech to discover the right people in the right account for maximum success. uses analytics, AI, sales automation, and productivity tools to analyze all activities — emails, meetings, and contacts, and categorize them into opportunities to boost sales productivity. turns a large pile of data associated with complex sales cycles into simple, achievable tasks for sales teams. Reps can visualize exactly what they must do to successfully close a deal using the platform’s capabilities to connect the dots, break down siloes, and enrich all revenue activities. ranked #1 in customer revenue optimization on G2, owing to the advanced and nimble solution it is that will boost your sales productivity. usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 8.8
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 9.3
  • Data Segmentation – 8.8
  • Pipeline Management – 9.0 

8. Aviso — Integrated Revenue Intelligence 

Give your team the industry’s only fully integrated AI Revenue Intelligence Platform to win more deals faster, increase win rates, and delight buyers and customers.

Aviso is an integrated revenue hub that helps teams close more deals, improve win rates, and drive revenue generation efforts. The AI and NLP-powered platform blends human and artificial intelligence to ensure favorable outcomes across sales, marketing, and customer success teams. 

The platform offers predictive forecasting, deal intelligence, relationship intelligence, conversational intelligence, and CRM automation. Help you with everything you need to enable sales leaders, reps and managers to manage pipelines and close more deals. 

Aviso can be seen as a complex revenue operating system that promises accurate forecasts, assists reps in deals, promise collaboration, and increase deal win rates. 

Useful for mid-market and enterprise customers, Aviso is used by Dell, Microsoft, and GitHub, who vouch for its efficacy in pumping up revenue operations. 

Aviso usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 8.3 
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 9.1
  • Data Segmentation – 8.2
  • Pipeline Management – 8.6 

9. Kluster — Revenue Predictability 

Kluster is a tad-bit different from others on the list — it doesn’t ask you to change anything but instead connects to your CRM directly and adds accuracy to revenue predictions. Its users claim it to be >95% accurate in predicting revenues. 

The revenue predictability platform allows revenue leaders to plan, strategize and execute a winning strategy. Build repeatable processes, scale your RevOps efficiency, and get more insight into why and where you win/lose a deal. 

Known for its cutting-edge integrations and pipeline management, Kluster can forecast revenues in real-time and analyze the entire buyer’s funnel in-depth. 

Using the curated playbooks within Kluster, you can replicate the success witnessed by revenue leaders of fast-growing companies worldwide. Analyzing the historical performance and aggregating trends, Kluster can reverse engineer what’s needed to take your sales productivity to the next level. 

Kluster usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 9.0
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 10.0
  • Data Segmentation – 9.0
  • Pipeline Management – 9.2 

10. — GTM and RevOps Automation 

fullcast is a relatively fresh entrant to the revenue operations scene that focuses on weaving robust go-to-market strategies and automating execution. The platform allows revenue leaders to boost sales productivity by eliminating the need for clunky spreadsheets. 

fullcast connects your GTM strategy with tactical, day-to-day sales operations and improves your performance. FullCast’s USP lies in modeling multiple GTM scenarios for assisting in better RevOps decisions and planning/execution in real-time. 

Using its in-built capabilities for territory management, target setting, data hygiene, and performance tracking, one can easily achieve agility in sales and revenue operations. 

Plus, automatic configuration on multiple GTM systems allows teams to spend more time on actual sales than completing manual jobs associated with revenue operations and sales. usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 5.0
  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? – 8.6 
  • Data Segmentation – NA
  • Pipeline Management – NA

11. Syncari — Distributed RevOps Truth Visibility 

Syncari believes there’s no single source of truth anymore, especially regarding revenue generation. So, the data quality tool adds value to your revenue operations by bringing together the distributed truth to paint a complete picture. 

You must be using multiple software, tools, and platforms in your GTM stack. Syncari aligns, analyzes, and syncs useful data through your stack to help create unified data for predicting revenues. This data can supercharge your cross-system workflow automation, align revenue reporting, and assist teams working on GTM strategies. 

The no-code platform helps with end-to-end sales and marketing alignment to create a data model optimized for business success. A really powerful data unification tool, Syncari can allow your teams to follow an absolute data-driven approach toward visualizing GTM and revenue operations performance. 

Syncari usability and satisfaction metrics 

  • Ease of use – 8.8
  • Data matching – 9.8
  • Dashboard – 8.8
  • Support Quality – 8.9

Take charge of your Revenue Operations 

A steady revenue stream will help your business stay afloat and put on your mission. And tools such as those above can help you build predictability in revenue by powering your existing marketing, sales, and customer success stack.

Start taking charge of your revenue generation by dealing with challenges and hurdles coming your way. And if you need any help with marketing automation on your way, feel free to book a demo and explore how Encharge can integrate and supercharge your RevOps. 

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