The Most Effective Trial Expiration Email Templates You Can Steal Today

Kalo Yankulov

Kalo Yankulov

Co-founder and marketer at Encharge.

I recently showed you why you’re using trial expiration emails wrong and how to fix it. In this post, I’m going to share with you 9 fill-in-the-blanks trial expiration email templates that you can steal for your SaaS to increase your free trial to paid conversions. Let’s dive in right away!

1. General trial over template

This is a general trial expiration email that you can send as a reminder at a specific time before the user trial expires or as a notice on a day of the trial expiration.

Subject line: Your [Product] account will expire in 24 hours

Body copy:

Hey John,

Your [Product] trial expires in 24 hours.

Your account will be deactivated in 24 hours, and all of your [tasks/flows/messages] will be disabled.

You’re also going to lose access to any data you have in [Product][list what they’ll lose: tasks, flows, data, emails]. You no longer will be able to [experience specific benefit: save time finding leads / grow your email list / sell products online, etc.]

Do not worry! We keep it safe with us for when you decide to upgrade.

Our plans start at [price], and by upgrading now, you will ensure your marketing automation flows stay active.

[Mention the benefit]

Convert more leads, retain more customers, and grow your revenue with robust marketing automation flows.

[CTA — Upgrade your account]

2. Trial limit reached — upgrade email template

You want to use this email if you have a metered pricing models — you charge per credit, team member added, storage space reached, etc.

Subject line: No more [your value metric – credits / space / searches]!

Body copy:

Hey Jake,

You used all of your free credits at [product], well done!

By now, you should have a good idea of all that [Product] has to offer. So it’s time to make that critical decision to…

[Upgrade for more credits CTA]

[Explain how your value metric works]

Credits are used to [find leads / send checking requests / do more searches].

[Explain the benefit]

We have found that each lead found through [Product] saves 20 minutes of prospecting time.

[Explain how to make a purchase]

You can purchase these within the Credits tab in “settings”. [Provide a quick link to the upgrade page]

[Explain any bulk discounts if it’s a metered system]

Credits can be bought in bundles, the bigger the package — the lower the cost of each credit so the more cost-effective each [lead / check / search] becomes.

[Upgrade for more credits CTA]

[Be easy to get in touch]

If you have any questions about using credits, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by replying to this email.

Co-founder of [Product].

3. Value experienced — upgrade email template

The goal of this email is to quantify the value that the user has experienced in Encharge. For example, if you run a sales prospecting platform where a user saves 20 minutes per prospect, you might use something like:

“Since you started using [Product] you have found 50 prospects. This means you have managed to solve at least 10 hours of manual prospecting time.”

In a marketing automation tool like Encharge you can use liquid tags to create dynamic email content based on if/else rules.

Subject line: [XXX] of [tasks / searches / lead] [created / made / found]!

Body copy:

Hey [Name]

[Demonstrate usage]

Since you started using [Product] you’ve [automated / made / found] [XXX] [tasks / searches / leads].

[Quantify the benefit]

This means you have managed to [address the primary outcome: save at least 10 hours of manual work / increased traffic / resolve a bug.] To keep on saving that time each month, upgrade your account today.

Your free month to try [Product] has reached the end, but you can still [mention benefit again] save time automating tasks when you subscribe to a paid plan.

[Upgrade CTA — Keep your tasks running]

You also get:

  • [Premium feature 1] that helps you with [benefit 1].
  • [Premium feature 2] that helps you with [benefit 2].
  • [Premium feature 3] that helps you with [benefit 3].

[Recommend the best plan based on their usage]

Based on your usage over the past two weeks, you should try the Basic plan — it’s a great place to start.

[Upgrade CTA — Keep your tasks running]

4. Trial expiration template with a benefits list

In this template, you’re listing the key features that the user will miss if they fail to upgrade. The best part is that each feature is tied in with a specific product benefit.

Subject line: Your trial is almost over

Body copy:

Hey Bob,

Your [Product] trial is almost over. Now is a good time to upgrade and get all the awesome benefits.

Imagine what losing access to [critical feature 1: weekly check-ins], [feature 2: daily objectives], and [feature 3: remote meetings] would mean for your [sales / marketing / support / agency] [team / department / business / service.]:

[List the benefits. An example below for a remote team communication tool]

  • Your remote team will stop operating efficiently. Time is money, you don’t want to waste it with scattered email communication.
  • Without weekly check-ins, you wouldn’t know what your team members are doing
  • Your team will probably miss on critical objections.

Luckily you still have 24 hours to upgrade.

[Offer an extra incentive]

To seal the deal, we’re sweetening the pot with 10% off for the next 24 hours! All you have to do is click the button below and we’ll take you to the upgrade page.

[Upgrade CTA —Get 10% OFF]

5. Critical premium feature upgrade template

This is not necessarily a trial expiration email but this upgrade email can certainly close a few more trials for you. This email is triggered when a trial user activates a critical feature in your app, which indicates that some value is already there. You want to demonstrate how the user can get more value from the feature and provide an option to upgrade.

Subject line: How to use [sticky premium feature]

Body copy:

Hey Bob,

I just noticed that you [activated critical feature: created your first email / found your first lead / added your first file]

[Explain the problem that the feature solves]

If you’re a [sales person / designer / developer / your customer persona], you probably know that [explain their biggest pain-point: “hardest part in sales is not selling to the decision-makers but finding them in the first place!”]

[Illustrate a better life when using the feature.]

Imagine [picture the perfect future for the user: “how many more deals you could close if you were always talking to the right person in charge”]

[Provide more information on how to get the best from the feature]

Click on the video below to learn how to [step they need to complete in your product to start using the most valuable feature and achieve that perfect future. Use the video to demonstrate a premium feature and get people to upgrade their trial.]

[Video or GIF demonstrating where in your app users can activate advanced options of the feature]

Once your trial expires, you won’t be able to access [critical feature] anymore. To prevent this from happening upgrade your account today.

[Upgrade Now to Get the Best Benefits Button]

[Offer help]

P.s. To get help with [sticky premium feature] reach out to us by replying to this email or joining us on:

Our Mastermind group

[Your name]

6. Trial expiration email with options

This template shows how to give your trial users options. As purchasing new software is a tough decision, and the fact that the majority of your trials won’t convert, you need to engage your trials in the best possible way by giving them choices.

Subject line: Upgrade now to keep using [Product]

Body copy:

Hi Bob,

Your [Prodocut] trial has expired, and your account is now frozen, so you and your team members can’t access it. To pick up where you left off, just the button below and upgrade now.

[CTA - Upgrade now to keep using [Product]]

  • [Address objection 1 — Upgrading only takes a minute]
  • [Address objection 2 — Everything you created during your trial is still safe and sound].
  • [Address objection 3 — Keep in mind, we don’t hand you the tool and walk away. We are here to help you get the most of [Product]]

[Option to extend trial]

Need extra time on your trial?

Just reply to this email or contact our support team [link to support]. We’ll get right back to you in a few minutes.

[Option to downgrade trial]

Not ready to upgrade?

No problem. We’re going to downgrade you to a free plan. You can either do nothing, and we’ll downgrade your account, or you can downgrade by clicking here.

7. Trial extension email template

Offering a trial extension will give passive trial users more time to reach the desired value moments and will provide you with more time to qualify them. The goal of this email is to start a conversation with that segment of trial users.

Subject line: Extend your trial

Body copy:

We get it. You’re busy. A trial doesn’t count for much if you don’t actually try anything. So, if you’d like more free time with [Product], please let us know. We’d be happy to extend your trial.

Just reply to this email.

[Your name]

8. Experienced value but didn’t upgrade — feedback email template

You want to send this email to people that have experienced value within the trial window but still haven’t upgraded their account.

Subject line: Curious why you didn’t upgrade?

Body copy:

Hey Bob,

Kalo here, the co-founder of [Product].

I noticed you used all of your free credits on [Product] 3 days ago but didn’t upgrade to a paid plan. Would you mind sharing briefly with me why?

Feel free to hit reply here or we can just schedule a quick 5-minute Skype/Zoom/Hangouts call. Click here to book a time.

Would really love to hear your feedback.

Thank you,

Co-founder of [Product].

9. Experienced value but didn’t upgrade — post-trial survey email template

This email is similar to the previous one, but instead of asking an open-ended question, you provide a list of possible answers. These types of surveys tend to get a much higher response rate as the user is only required to click on a link to complete the questionnaire.

With a marketing automation tool like Encharge, you can even automate this further based on the response.

Subject line: Help us build a better [Product]

Body copy:

Hey Bob,

I noticed you didn’t upgrade your [Product] account. That’s totally fine, but it would be super helpful if you tell us why by clicking on a single answer below:

I just got sidetracked, I will come back later.

[Ask the most common reasons for trial churn. Example below with a sales lead finding product.]

  1. It was not solving my problem.
  2. I’m not finding enough emails.
  3. I’m not finding the right people.
  4. I went with a different solution.
  5. I was just doing researches, and it was never my intention to subscribe.
  6. What’s [Product]?

It’s our mission to build the best prospecting tool out there, so your feedback will be extremely valuable to us!

We are sad to see you go, but we hope to see you again in the future.


Co-founder of [Product].

Trial Expiration Email Templates — Next Steps

There you go! 9 proven trial expiration email templates to help you convert more free users to paying customers.

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