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8 Highly-Converting Video Ideas to Implement in 2024

As 2023 is counting the days away, will you stay with plain typed-out text marketing emails? There’s no better time to game up your email marketing and gain the most out of it.

Adding videos to your email marketing can be a game-changer for your marketing communication. 

We’ve rounded up the essentials of video email marketing as a handy guide. We’ve also explored eight highly-converting video ideas for your next email campaigns. So, shall we begin now?

The basics of video email marketing

Video email marketing is the art of employing videos to spice up your promotional email or newsletter. Videos can be your main content or supporting media in your email body.

You can add various types of videos. For instance, you can embed an explainer video, company culture video, brand introduction video, or testimonial video.

Appealing, engaging, and converting are the natural traits of videos. You can add more value to your email marketing and pour more colors into it. 

For some marketers, it may sound like a load of work. But it can get simpler than you think. Besides, you can still automate some tasks using marketing automation tools like Encharge to speed up your work.

Why videos are effective in leveling up your email marketing

Videos are more than just entertaining. Videos also have informative content. 

If you’re new to this strategy, we’ve listed some benefits of incorporating video in your email marketing.

1. Boost email open rates

Your recipients can get dozens or hundreds of emails per day. It’s challenging to ensure they will open yours unless you have exciting or helpful information.

People don’t want to waste their time reading long promotional emails daily. They want to receive valuable content and digest it as quickly as possible.

Videos are an effective strategy to drive recipients to open your emails. It’s a strategy to capture recipients’ attention and boost email open rates.

Adding the word “video” or a relevant emoji in your subject email can increase the open rate by 6%. Moreover, embedding a video in the email body can boost open rates by 19%.

2. Improve conversion rates and CTR

Videos in promotional emails are also effective in boosting conversion and click-through rates. 

A video in a welcome email can help you boost click-through rates by 96%. That increase means great things for most businesses as you increase your conversion potential significantly. 

Moreover, emails with video content can get a 21% higher conversion rate compared to emails with static visuals. 

3. Leave a better impression on the audience

Videos are one of the best types of content as a source of information for people. Short-form video content is suitable for audiences today who want to consume information in a quick and straightforward way.

Over 54% of email subscribers prefer email campaigns with videos. Moreover, incorporating videos in your email campaigns can bring you long-term benefits. 

4. Increase email engagement

Videos are certain attention grabbers. With appealing visuals and concise delivery, videos can evoke audiences’ appetites to give responses. As the data shows above, recipients are more likely to open your email and do something, including replying to it.

A study reports that more than 80% of people gain more replies and responses by adding videos to the email body. This strategy also helps brands to stay in touch with subscribers and generate more referrals by 55%.

One of the most important aspects of your video is the thumbnail. The video thumbnail must be enticing to drive people to react. Good thumbnails can boost subscriber engagement by 41% in email marketing. 

Furthermore, email is a great channel to distribute content. You can leverage it whenever you start a new campaign or need to nurture your leads. In fact, 93% of marketers use email to distribute content.

5. Prevent getting in the trash

Nothing can get worse than getting your email in the trash. Once a recipient deletes your email from their inbox, it’s game over. Video content can help prevent such a thing from happening to the email you send.

A video in email not only drives significantly higher open rates and click-through rates but also prevents people from unsubscribing. Email campaigns that incorporate videos reduce the unsubscribe rate by 26%.

The underlying reason behind this is that videos are valuable content. It’s reported that 77% of modern marketers generate higher engagement rates by incorporating videos into their emails.

6. Add credibility and authenticity

Plain email campaigns can get boring. Video content can spice up your email and entertain your audience. Besides, it’s also a way to show your professionalism as a brand to your audiences.

As you pour more effort into your email campaign, you will also gain more credibility from your subscribers. They will value you more than just a brand, but a legit source of information.

You can show your creativity and authenticity as a business. The two aspects are keys to standing out in the crowd and staying in the lead of the competitions. Lastly, creative and informative video content can help you grow your business and make it last longer.

8 highly-converting video ideas for your emails

As you’ve discovered the good impacts of videos in marketing emails, now you may wonder, “what kind of video should I include in my emails?”

Before delving into the examples, it’s better to understand the basic rules of video length. Too short videos will be incapable of delivering messages. Meanwhile, way too long videos will scare the audience away.

So, how long is actually too short and too long for a video?

A study states that creating 60-90 seconds videos is best to attract and engage audiences. Most audiences will stay engaged to watch a video within a minute to a minute and a half range. 

Once it hits the 2-minute mark, audiences will likely lose focus. So, if you’re new to video marketing, getting on the safe line by incorporating 60-90 seconds videos is your best bet. However, you can still add length if you attempt to deliver academic content like training and teaching. 

So, it’s now your turn to make a move! Below we’ve listed eight video ideas to incorporate into your email marketing to convert prospects. Let’s dive in!

1. Product videos

Source: Sony – Global

Create quality product videos that introduce your product and highlight features. Again, don’t go overboard here — make your product videos for around one to two minutes. You can highlight features and mention how your product can solve the target audience’s problem. Also, make sure to state what makes your product unique.

Ensure that you provide high-quality videos to your leads. Use high-resolution cameras and top-tier editing tools to produce crack-free and flawless videos. You can also hire professional video makers to help you create one. Of course, that second option comes at a hefty price for most of us.

2. Explainer videos

Source: Breadnbeyond

The popularity of explainer videos among businesses has been rising over the past few years. Explainer videos allow companies of all fields to introduce and present their products without a problem.

The main actors in explainer videos are animations, illustrations, typography, graphs, and other visual elements. Those elements can describe even the most complex concept and ideas of your business or products.

For instance, a healthcare company can create an explainer video to elaborate on their devices. Whether you run an eCommerce platform, a blockchain startup, or other complex businesses, creating explainer videos is always a plan to execute.

3. Company culture videos

Source: Tech Vision

Expose a bit of your business to your potential customers. Give them a sneak peek of how you produce products, deliver services, or run orders.

You can tell audiences about the company’s values and a bit of its background. If your company carries social responsibilities, you can tell the reasons why you’re doing so. Lastly, you can tell audiences how your employees can have fun in the office.

4. Event teaser videos

Source: International Talent Support

Event teaser videos are great for evoking excitement. For example, you can create an event teaser video before launching your newest product. Send it along with your email campaign to raise product awareness.

You can also add event teaser videos if your company has a big day like an anniversary, product launch, or regular deals day. You can evoke audiences to join your event and nurture them with valuable content.

Moreover, event teaser videos are also great for generating leads. You can ask people to join your event by filling up a form of attendance. This strategy is a smooth way to get potential customers’ necessary information. 

5. Launch videos

Source: Apple

Launching a new product via email? You need to take the extra mile to drive optimum results. A way to level up your email campaign is by providing launch videos.

Launch videos are excellent to help garner potential buyers at the ready. As you generate buzz, you can also boost brand awareness.

Your launch videos must be engaging enough by incorporating good storytelling and audio aids. Add a clear CTA at the end of your video to convince audiences that your upcoming product is worth waiting for and purchasing.

6. Product demo videos

Source: Breadnbeyond

Product demo videos can be excellent additional information for audiences. Embedding a product demo video on your email campaign allows audiences to see and learn how your product works.

The product demo video on your email campaign can help prospects draw a clear decision. You can frame your product or service as a solution that meets your customer specific needs. A well-made product demo video can help you close more deals and boost sales.

7. Behind-the-scene videos

Source: Lifted Media

If you want to provide more fun and informal information, behind-the-scenes videos can be a great option. It’s a great strategy to build relationships with prospects in a more entertaining manner. 

You let people look for a glimpse of your company. You can expose your product or brands by enhancing the value of the making process. Behind-the-scenes videos also capture your team in their natural mode while working. You can approach potential customers in a relaxed way. Best of all, you can generate long-run benefits by building credibility and deeper relationships with audiences.

8. Testimonial videos

Source: Youtube

Testimonials are impactful in gaining audiences’ trust. More than 90% of buyers read online reviews before purchasing. So, having a testimonial video on your email marketing is a big deal to get new customers.

You can work with existing customers and ask for their reviews. You can also hire influencers to make testimonial videos. Influencers have a considerable amount of loyal followers that can be beneficial for reaching new audiences.

Alternatively, you can also work with experts as a trustable and reliable source of information. Ask them to narrate your product, including explaining some features, processes, and more. In addition, ask them to testify how your product is beneficial in overcoming specific problems.


Incorporating video in your email marketing can give many benefits. Many reports show that video content in email can boost open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Hence there’s no excuse for you to miss the opportunity.

Creating videos may sound daunting for the first-timer. To help you feel less burdensome, try to make a comprehensive plan that includes target audience research. Then, you can choose one of the video ideas above to deliver your message.

You can find many resources outlined for your video content inspiration. Social platforms and movies are excellent idea banks for you to dig in. Lastly, make sure you keep up with the latest marketing and video trends to stay relevant and competitive.

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