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10 Types of Marketing Emails You Should Send To Hit Your Next Revenue Targets

Did you know that email was invented because people were not picking up the phone?

Ray Tomlinson created the email in 1971 as a way to send messages without requiring the sender or recipient to be present at the time of sending and receiving. He wants them to read and answer the messages at their convenience.

Email became the solution when his co-workers were too caught up in the moment to answer the phone.

Fast forward to today, emails are used not only for workplace communication. They are used for generating revenues conveniently. 

It gives businesses the highest ROI averaging between $36-$45 for every $1 spent. And the pros swear by it.


It works in almost every industry, like eCommerce…


Or SaaS…


Now, if you’re a business owner who’s not sending enough emails, we got you. Here are 10 types of emails you should send to hit your next revenue targets.

What are marketing emails? 

Before we get to that, let’s take a look at emails in general first. There are 2 kinds of emails: cold sales emails and inbound marketing emails.

People usually confuse the two, but there’s an obvious difference. 

Cold emails are emails you send to people who don’t know you yet. Hence, the word “cold”. You usually send them to prospects you find by:

  • Using a prospecting tool like UpLead
  • Finding their emails on social media
  • Checking their LinkedIn and “guessing” their work emails

Marketing emails go to audiences who know you and have permitted you to receive your emails. They could be people who:

Now that we got this out of the way let’s get to the meat of all this. 

  • If you want to get new businesses, you should send an email. 
  • If you want existing customers to buy from you again, you should send an email.
  • If you want your audience to know about a new product you’re launching, you should send an email. 

In short, you should send emails as often as possible if you want to grow your business.

However, there’s a caveat. These emails should be relevant and valuable.

Case in point: The Daily Stoic. They send daily meditation emails from Monday to Friday. On the weekend, they send a newsletter roundabout that features the best posts and social media posts.

Your business may not need to do a daily email. So to give you ideas on what emails to send and how frequently, read on. 

We’ve prepared 10 types of emails that you can get inspiration from.

10 types of emails that’ll help you reach your target revenue (with examples)

We’ll be including both types of emails in the examples — cold emails and marketing emails. You’ll need both to scale your business anyway.

Let’s start!

For cold outreach:

Again, cold outreach emails are used to win new customers. It extends your brand’s reach to a cold market. Cold emails are usually sent to accomplish the following goals: 

To book a call with a B2B prospect


To invite an influencer to try your products

Or ask them to be a brand ambassador or affiliate

Quick tip: If you’re going to use cold emails in your marketing efforts, make sure to pick your prospects well. 

Find decision-makers and verify their emails using a tool like ZeroBounce to keep your sender score safe. 

Next, send personalized and relevant emails to increase your chances of generating sales from this type of outbound marketing campaign. 

Use a tool like OutreachBin to schedule your emails, insert signatures, use intuitive templates, and even automate emails that you send on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

For marketing emails:

Now, let’s talk about marketing emails.

These types of emails nurture your audience, updating them on the latest promos, and keeping them motivated to buy your products or service. 

Welcome emails 

A welcome email greets the new subscribers as soon as they sign up for your list. This sequence welcomes them as new members of your “community,” and this is where you tell them about your offer. 

Here’s an email sent when one signs up for a waitlist.

Sometimes, welcome emails also deliver the lead magnet they signed up for.

They simply guide your new audience on how to get started to get the most out of your business.

Strategically, one email isn’t enough for the Welcome sequence. It usually has at least 3-5 emails sent over the next week. Like this one:

A welcome email is crucial as it could make or break your first impression to your new subscriber. If done right, welcome emails could potentially boost your revenues by 320%. 

For automated welcome emails that convert more users to customers, choose an app that makes the sending and onboarding experience seamless, like Encharge

Encharge lets you do marketing automation that coincides with your customer journey. It’s a great way to convert, onboard, and retain your customers.

Promo emails 

Promote sales, coupons, or giveaways with promo emails so that ready-to-buy customers are informed about it. 

This could give you additional revenues, especially on holidays. In fact, 61% of your subscribers love it when you send one every week.  


Newsletters get your subscribers “in the know”. It updates them on what’s happening inside your business, your community, and the industry, in general. 

This email educates and nurtures your subscribers, making them feel it’s a privilege to receive exclusive emails from you. And they’re not usually salesy — they’re sent to provide value.

Even though they may not directly generate income, this helps you earn your audience’s loyalty and attention. 

Plus, 40% of B2B marketers say newsletters play a crucial role in their content marketing strategy. It distributes its best content week after week.

Upgrade/sales emails

This email type’s name says the exact function that it serves — to ask the subscribers to upgrade. It’s a sales email that’s often used for free subscribers inviting them to choose a paid subscription.

Onboarding emails 

These emails are like tour guides, intending to ensure that new subscribers (of software tools especially) are properly guided throughout their “stay” with your brand. 

Subscription-based products or services commonly use this type of email. 

It could be a single email, just like the example below.

Or a sequence, just like this one from Encharge.

Abandoned cart emails

Who would’ve thought that abandoned carts get some love through this email sequence? 

Abandoned cart email brings back about 10% of lost revenue for saving carts from being fully abandoned and forgotten. 

It’s a must-have sequence that you should have once you set up your offer online for sale up and running. Some even go above and beyond 5 emails in this sequence. 

Check this sample sequence below from Sabri Suby’s book “Sell Like Crazy”. (This has 11 emails in total!)

Re-engagement emails

Rekindle the fire between your brand and your email subscribers through this type of email. It’s also called the “winback email sequence”. 

If they haven’t been active lately, you should definitely shoot this type of email to check on your subscribers, see if they’re still interested or remember your brand, offer an incentive and make sure you reinforce your value. 

It could be as simple as this example below, which asks to update the subscriber’s email preferences as well, making it easy for them to opt out. 

These emails help segment your email list, filtering the active subscribers and removing the inactive ones. This will eventually help in your email campaigns’ overall performance while cleaning your list.

It’s not always the quantity or how big your email list is, that’s affecting deliverability and conversion. 

Below is an example of a re-engagement email that stirs emotions by providing interesting offers.

Or tease them with improved features they might’ve missed since their absence. See this example from Path app.

Renewal, expiration emails, etc

A gentle email reminder for when their subscriptions are about to expire is a courtesy to your subscriber. A renewal, which in some cases would be hundreds to thousands of dollars per transaction, is a must, whether or not the subscription is retained. 

It’s not only going to remind them to prepare for their upcoming bill. It also helps them save from incurring charges when they no longer want to continue the subscription with your product. 

New product/launch emails

Whenever you launch a new product or service, it’s highly recommended to plan it out and warm up your audience. This preps them up when your offer is out, they’re all set and ready to buy. 

Take the below example of a product launch sequence. 

Picking the right email tool

So now that you know the 10 types of emails you should send to reach your revenue goals, your next quest would be to find the best tech companion to hit this goal efficiently. 

For cold emails

For outreach and growing your audience base through cold email campaigns, tools like, Mailshake, or Mixmax could be your best companion.

These platforms allow you to:

  • Find prospects
  • Send cold emails through Gmail
  • Build sequences
  • Use templates
  • Set reminders
  • Create multiple signatures
  • Private notes 
  • Create expressive emails through embedded GIFs 
  • Sync data with your CRM
  • Smart Link Previews

For marketing automation

Email marketing requires a series of steps. You’ll have to design the email itself, set it up, and build the flows. More importantly, you must ensure that the right emails get sent at the right time and with the right triggers.

Make your email campaigns a breeze with Encharge. It lets you set up, map out your flows, and automate your email campaigns. With Encharge, you can also segment your audience based on the behaviors they do on your website or app.

Send emails, generate more revenue

For every marketing scenario, there’s always an appropriate type of email that you can send. 

Sending the right one at the right time will help you reach your revenue targets. Send the wrong ones at the wrong time, and you’ll hurt your brand reputation.

To get email marketing right, you’ll have to see it as something personal rather than transactional. Use it to build trust. Plant your brand into your audience, and you’ll reap what you sow every time you hit “Send”. 

Try sending these emails today. And once you get replies from your cold emails, it’s important to nurture your warm leads and lead them to the sale. You can use Encharge to personalize your marketing automation.

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