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Marketing Automation for Agencies

Supercharge your agency & clients with Encharge

Build advanced marketing automation flows for your clients in minutes. Automate client relationships, and grow your agency faster by earning additional revenue with the easiest to use marketing automation platform on the market.


No credit card required. Trusted by 1,000+ agencies.

1st Place Category Leader in Marketing Automation on GetApp

4.9/5 from 245 reviews
4.9/5 from 214 reviews

Cut time and costs with the most intuitive marketing automation tool for agencies

Create automation flows in minutes, instead of hours. Duplicate flows and emails for clients with ease. On average our agency customers are able to save 3 hours per automation flow. When you have to create dozens of automations per month for your clients, this translates to 70+ hours saved monthly. Time you can spend growing your agency.
"Encharge is a very intuitive platform, easy to operate. It's the best I've seen so far in terms of simplicity!"
Douglas Kirch
Founder and CEO, Lance Digital (agency)
"Creating workflows is much easier in Encharge than ActiveCampaign."
Prosper Taruvinga
Founder, Livelong Digital (agency)
"I felt our previous solution was stiff in terms of creating and modifying the flows. We were investing a lot of time just to apply a little change in the order of the flows, so it became an issue.

Your solution really shines in this department. It’s super simple to create or modify a flow and adjust it as required, just dragging and dropping elements."
Fabián Vargas
CEO, ZEWS (agency)

The only platform that integrates seamlessly with the tools you use

Say goodbye to basic integrations. Encharge integrates natively with dozens of tools. Create automation flows with the apps from your marketing and sales stack – HubSpot, Typeform, Slack, Facebook Ads, Twilio SMS, Stripe, Chargebee, Intercom, Salesforce, Segment, Zapier, and more.
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User events

Receive user events from Segment destinations. Skip the time for technical integration and build your marketing campaigns today.


Integrate with your whole marketing stack with Zapier and Encharge. Get access to 1,000 integrations at the tip of your fingers.

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Automate emails with native billing data from Stripe. Send an email when a user becomes a customer, upgrades to a new plan, or cancels their account.

Facebook Logo
Facebook Ads

Automatically add users from Encharge to a Facebook Ads audience of your choice. Put an end to the endless CSV import-export hassle.

HubSpot Logo

Build an automated sales cadence with HubSpot and Encharge. Start flows when a new lead is added, change a deal stage with triggers, and more.

Salesforce Logo

Start a flow in Encharge when a new lead or contact is added in Salesforce. Create new leads in Salesforce using triggers from Encharge.

Typeform Logo

Enrich your user profiles with survey data from Typeform. Automatically qualify users, build advanced flows, and send emails based on their answers.

Intercom Logo
Leads and in-app messages

Get new Intercom users and leads in Encharge with a single click. Trigger an Intercom in-app message from Encharge.

Team communicaiton

Send internal team Slack notifications to a channel of your choice. Get notified when a new person subscribes to your newsletter or when a new trial signs up for your product.

Twilio Logo

Go beyond email. Communicate with your customers with personalized SMS messages.

Mailchimp Logo

Get new Mailchimp subscribers in Encharge. Build robust marketing automation flows and customer journeys that go beyond email.

Chargebee Logo

Automate emails with native billing data from Chargebee. Send an email when a user becomes a customer, upgrades to a new plan, or cancels their account.

Recurly Logo

Automate emails with native billing data from Recurly. Send an email when a user becomes a customer, upgrades to a new plan, or cancels their account.

Chargify Logo

Automate emails with native billing data from Chargify. Send an email when a user becomes a customer, upgrades to a new plan, or cancels their account.

Paddle Logo

Automate emails with native billing data from Paddle. Send an email when a user becomes a customer, upgrades to a new plan, or cancels their account.

Calendly Logo

Sync your Calendly meetings with Encharge and automate the user journey when a person books or cancels a meeting.

Google Analytics Logo
Google Analytics

Track email link clicks in Google Analytics with automatic UTM tags. See what people do on your website when they click on one of your emails.

Pabbly Logo

Integrate with your whole marketing stack with Pabbly and Encharge. Get access to 500+ integrations at the tip of your fingers.

Integrately Logo

Integrate with your whole marketing stack with Integrately and Encharge. Get access to hundreds of integrations at the tip of your fingers.


Connect your eCommerce tools together. Automate multichannel sales. Keep your inventory in sync.

KonnectzIT Logo

Connect with 250+ apps from our library and automate your daily tasks.

Webhooks Logo

Integrate with user data from hundreds of form tools, website builders, webinar apps, and any other product that supports Webhooks.

API Icon
User events

Integrate with your product. Send user events from your product to Encharge. Send targeted messages whenever a user does or doesn’t do something.

+38 more

Integrate Encharge with your favorite form tools, webinar platforms, website builders, and more.

Best-in-class email deliverability

High email opens and clickthrough rates with a reliable email delivery that scales with your business
"I have bought so many other email marketing tools... But every time I faced lower engagement even when my content was well prepared and interesting as per my clients' feedback and the efforts we made. When we started using Encharge for our email marketing, the open rate and click rate increased drastically."
Dipanshu Vijay
Business Automation and LeadGen Specialist

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High email opens and clickthrough rates with a reliable email delivery that scales with your business

Managed email deliverability

We take care of your email delivery, like it’s our own. We oversee your account, manage your reputation, and proactively monitor your email sending.

100% whitelisted email domains

We monitor our email IPs and domains daily to ensure they are whitelisted on the 86 most common blacklists.

Manage all of your clients from a single place

Juggling dozens of clients with multiple accounts and login details is a thing of the past. With Encharge you can create a master-account and add as many client sub-accounts as you like without having to log out.

No credit card required. Trusted by 1,000+ agencies.


Scale your agency by automating your processes

Automate repetitive agency tasks and manage your whole agency workflow with Encharge. Thanks to our native integrations with HubSpot, Calendly, Facebook Ads, and more, you can put your whole business on autopilot.

Never create the same automation for your clients twice

Encharge enables you to copy a Flow and all of its contents – emails, segments, and custom fields! – between your agency accounts. Using a pre-defined set of Flows and emails for your clients? No problem, simply copy all of your marketing automation flows into a new clients account and never start from scratch again.

No credit card required. Trusted by 1,000+ agencies.


Invite your whole team for FREE

Work is best done with your team. Invite an unlimited number of team members to your agency account at no additional cost. Keep your whole team in the loop without paying a single cent more!
Team members@2x

Advanced team member permissions

With Team Permissions you can take full control of what pages, sections, and features your team has access to. You can assign 17 different read and write rules to every person in your team. From emails, broadcast, and flows to account settings and billing.

Never worry about your clients seeing the billing page or exposing sensitive information like your contact database to all of your team members.

Agency Program Pricing

Our Agency Program allows you to purchase multiple Encharge accounts at a special discount and resell them for a profit with your additional value-added services. See our full pricing.
Client Accounts Discount
2 – 20 20% discount
21 – 49 30% discount
50 – 99 40% discount
100+ 50% discount
No credit card required. Trusted by 1,000+ agencies.

Client Reviews


Do you offer dedicated support for agencies?

Yes, you will get a dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to a private Slack channel.

How many accounts can I manage with the same login?

You can manage an unlimited number of client accounts using the same email login.

How many team members can I add?

You can add unlimited number of team members.

How can I take advantage of the Agency Program pricing?

Simply email us at [email protected] or use the in-app support widget.

Meet your new marketing automation platform

The easiest to use marketing automation platform for agencies. Scale your business faster. Save time and money creating automation. Invite an unlimited number of team members at no additional costs. And take advantage of our agency pricing.

"We needed an email solution that could maintain and nurture a list of prospects and clients while using custom lead scoring and tracking behavior. Very few email services provide all of those features. Of those that do, Encharge had the best interface and highest deliverability."

Mike Deckern
CEO, The Advisor Suite (agency)
See why Encharge is different

No credit card required. Trusted by 1,000+ agencies.

Use Cases
Marketing automation
Create user journeys that convert, onboard, and retain customers.
Lead nurturing
Nurture email leads into trial users and customers.
User onboarding
Boost product activation and guide your users to value faster
Trial conversion
Smart marketing automation and behavior-based emails to double your trial conversion.
Success Stories
Landbot automates the onboarding for 80,000+ users while saving 320 hours/month
Confect transitioned to Product-Led Growth and increased user engagement by 28%
Samdock reduced the cost and time spent on acquiring a new customer by 77% with Encharge
Flow builder
Create remarkable user journeys with a robust and easy to use visual flow builder.
Send targeted one-off newsletters to your audience or a segment of people.
Behavior emails
Send targeted emails when people do or don’t do something in your app.
Event management
Track, create, and edit the actions that happen in your product
User segments
Create user segments with the market’s leading segmentation for SaaS.
User profiles
See the people behind the actions and access the full view of your customer data.
Email personalization
Get your users to act with highly-personalized emails.
Email editor
Design beautiful mobile-ready emails without any HTML skills.
A/B tests
Drive email engagement with A/B tests for your Broadcasts and your Flows.
Lead scoring
Identify interested users and best-fit customers and proactively reach out to them.
Website tracking
Track page visits and form submissions on your website in real-time.
Build and implement native forms on your website with just a few clicks.
Free email verification
Free email verification for all your contacts in Encharge, on all plans.
Transactional emails
Send emails like password reset, payment receipt, single sign-on link from your app.
Company profiles
Nurture, onboard, and convert whole teams with account-based marketing
Custom objects
Store and customize all your data the way you use it right inside of Encharge
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