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15 Best Lead Magnet Tools for Higher Conversions in 2024

A study by ViB Tech found that in a survey of B2B marketers, 41% named generating more leads their biggest marketing challenge in 2024. Meanwhile, over half of respondents said improving lead quality and boosting conversions is their toughest challenge. 

A thoughtfully designed lead magnet can help on both counts:

  • First, it offers real value to your target market for free, reducing friction and encouraging more signups. 
  • Second, it acts as a filter, pre-qualifying potential customers who are genuinely interested in what you offer and are, therefore, more likely to make a purchase.

The trouble is, creating the perfect lead magnet comes with its own challenges, not least of which is finding the right offer to begin with. 

Then, you’ll need the talents of a whole host of people — writers, editors, graphic designers, web developers, and so on — to bring your vision to life. 

At least, that used to be the case.

Today, creating compelling lead magnets has never been easier or more accessible. With the help of customizable templates, drag-and-drop editors, and generative AI tools, anyone  — even the design challenged — can put together the perfect offer in minutes. 

What are the best lead magnet tools?

Without further ado, let’s look at 15 of the best lead magnet tools for everything from ideation to production and promotion.

1. is a tool that turns your blog posts into attractive eBooks, white papers, and dynamic flipbooks. 

To start creating your eBook, just take the URL of one of your existing blog posts, pop it into the tool, and choose from over 100 customizable templates. You can also import content from Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, or a PDF — or simply build from scratch.

You can keep adding blog posts to your lead magnet, making it possible to generate long-form guides in short order. 

Designrr can also help you repurpose your videos and podcasts. First, upload any audio or video file, and Designrr will generate a transcript. 

Then, choose a template, and Designrr will create a lead magnet based on the transcript of your video or podcast episode. To speed up this process even more, consider starting with some AI-generated video

Everything is customizable in the simple visual editor, including the cover, layout, fonts, colors, images, and call to action. You can upload your own graphics or search Designrr’s database of copyright-free images from Unsplash and Pixabay. 

When you’re done creating your lead magnet, you can publish it directly to PDF, Kindle, Mobi or ePUB. Using Designrr’s 3D cover generator, you can also create a professional mock-up of your digital book. 


Pricing starts at $29 per month, with a free trial available. 

2. Beacon

Beacon is a tool for creating lead magnets like eBooks, checklists, resource guides, and workbooks using an easy drag-and-drop editor. You can also create an interactive resource library of gated content to offer as a lead magnet — no technical setup required. 

When you create your free account, you’ll be given the option to import content from one or more of your blog posts or else start from scratch.

Once you’ve chosen a template, you can adjust design elements like logos, colors, fonts, video embeds, images, headers, and dividers. 

Beacon automatically adds helper sections to make your content more visually appealing — for example, a Table of Contents, Introduction and About the Author pages, and chapter separators.

Other useful features include opt-in forms, Zapier integration, and analytics. 


Pricing ranges from free to $99 per month.

3. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is your secret weapon for finding winning lead magnet ideas. The tool tracks and forecasts the search volume growth rates of every topic on the Internet — for example, “loop earplugs” and “sea moss gummies” — and identifies emerging trends months before they explode in popularity.

Apart from generating, say, eBook ideas, marketing teams can use trend trackers like Exploding Topics to get a competitive edge in organic search: Because these keywords are often low in competition, you can often rank blog posts for them relatively quickly, then offer your visitors a related resource on the same page as an opt-in freebie. 


Plans start at $39 per month. 

4. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is one of my favorite tools for brainstorming lead magnet ideas. Just plug in a keyword, and you’ll get a graph back of the most commonly asked questions around that keyword, along with search volume metrics. 

As a quick demo of how this tool can help, I took the keyword “loop earplugs” from Exploding Topics above and plugged it into AnswerThePublic. Below, you can see my results. 

At a glance, I can already see some interesting topics that would make a good starting point for lead magnets at various stages of the customer journey. For example:

  • Which loop earplugs are best for ADHD?
  • How are loop earplugs different?
  • Can loop earplugs help with tinnitus?
  • Why are loop earplugs so expensive?


The free plan gives you three searches per day, which should be enough to generate a few winning lead magnet topics. Paid plans start at just $9 a month. 

5. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create opt-in forms with minimal setup. It has plenty of advanced features for boosting conversions of your free offer and growing your email list faster. 

Examples form types in Thrive Leads include:

  • Pop-up lightbox
  • Slide-in
  • Inline and sidebar widget
  • Two-step (triggered on click)
  • Sticky ribbon
  • Overlay and scroll mat 
  • Content lock

It’s easy to build your first form using one of Thrive’s customizable drag-and-drop templates. You can finetune everything from minute design details to form fields and opt-in triggers. 

When your form is ready, you can instantly create duplicates of it and switch around various elements, then find your winners using the built-in A/B testing engine and analytics. 

Thrive Leads integrates with Zapier, so you can easily connect it to your marketing automation platform for tagging, segmentation, and nurturing. 


An annual subscription to Thrive’s entire suite of WordPress plugins, including Thrive Leads, costs $299. This means you’ll also get access to Thrive Architect (a powerful landing page builder) and its A/B testing add-on, Thrive Optimize.

6. Encharge

Encharge is a marketing automation and B2B SaaS onboarding platform that uses behavior-based emails to boost subscriber engagement and convert more trial users into paying customers. 

Encharge’s pre-built flow templates help you instantly create marketing automations for a range of SaaS use cases. For instance, re-engaging expired trials, following up on a pricing page visit, or setting up a lead magnet funnel. 

You can use Encharge with any landing page or form builder that supports Webhooks. Plus, the platform integrates with Zapier and Segment, so you can easily sync data and workflows across your entire tech stack, no coding required. 


Pricing starts from $79 per month for a yearly subscription. Encharge has a 14-day free trial.

7. Writesonic

Writesonic is AI-powered content creation software for writing long-form articles, landing pages, social media posts, and emails. It can also generate AI art. 

Writesonic can be used to create lead magnets for your downloadable resource, from eBooks and video scripts to promotional materials. 

The software is trained on Open AI’s GPT-4, and unlike the free version of ChatGPT, it can search real-time topics on Google.


Starting at just $12 per month billed annually for premium plans, Writesonic is more affordable than several popular competitors. They also offer a limited free plan. 

8. Canva

Canva is my first love when it comes to drag-and-drop graphic design tools. Its color and font pairings look sleek and modern compared to some older eBook creation tools that have that tacky Warrior Forum look. (If you know, you know.)

Canva has fully editable templates for many types of lead magnets, including infographics, book covers and mock-ups, reports, calendars, lesson plans, worksheets, planners, and checklists. (Tip: These types of visual content tend to do really well on Pinterest!)

You can also use Canva to create social media graphics to promote your freebies. 

The platform has a ton of illustrations and photos to choose from, or you can just import your own. 


For most projects you can get away with the completely free version of Canva, which has more templates than you’ll be able to use in a lifetime. The paid plans have some extra perks, like advanced editing tools, custom brand kits, and collaboration features.

9. Piktochart

Piktochart is a tool for creating infographics, reports, charts, newsletters, presentations, and more. The drag-and-drop editor, though feature rich, is intuitive and easy even for non-graphic designers to use. 

Using Piktochart’s data visualization features, you can quickly generate visually appealing charts and graphs by copy-pasting your data directly into the platform or uploading a CSV or Excel file. Google Sheets links are also supported. 

When you’re finished creating your resource in Piktochart, you can download it in PDF or PNG format. 


Pricing starts at $14 per month billed annually. A limited free plan is also available. 

10. Camtasia

Camtasia is screen recording and video editing software for Windows and Mac that makes it easy to create professional-quality videos, even if you have no experience. It lets you record your screen or webcam — or both at the same time — while narrating, making it the perfect tool for creating video lead magnets.

Using Camtasia’s intuitive video editing interface, you can add annotations, transitions, music, animations, and other effects. Then you can export your completed video as MP4, GIF, or M4A and upload it to your website, social media, or YouTube. 


Camtasia costs $179.88 per year. 

11. Pixabay

Pixabay is a royalty-free stock media site with over 4.4 million photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, music, sound effects, and GIFs. 

Unlike some stock photo sites, where you have to carefully review the license for each asset, Pixabay’s license lets you use any of its content for personal or commercial use — no attribution required. 

Whether you’re sourcing high-quality assets for your eBook, white paper, infographic, or social media ads, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for here. 


Pixabay is completely free. 

12. Thinkific

Thinkific is a platform for creating, managing, and promoting online courses and membership sites. Courses built with Thinkific can include a combination of text, video, audio, and interactive elements like quizzes and assignments. 

Thinkific also has a lead magnet funnel feature — including “free lesson” and “digital download” funnels — to help you capture new students or collect email addresses.

The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage your course assets and subscriptions. It also integrates with Zapier, so you can connect it with top email marketing tools. 


Pricing starts at $36 per month billed annually. A limited free plan is available. 

13. Venngage

Venngage is an easy-to-use online design platform with over 10,000 templates for creating visual content and lead magnets like infographics, reports, white papers, charts, roadmaps, plans, checklists, schedules, eBooks, planners, catalogs — really, pretty much any type of document your audience can download!

You can import your data into the platform, add illustrations and photos from a massive stock image library, and download your completed designs as PDF, PNG, and PPTX. 


It’s free to create your first five designs on Venngage. Paid plans start at $10 per month when billed annually. 

14. Landbot

Landbot is a tool for creating conversational AI chatbots that can help you offer 24/7 customer support, boost appointment bookings, and generate leads. 

Here are just a few ways you can use Landbot to power up your lead generation strategy:

  • Lead capture. When Landbot engages your website visitors in chat, it also prompts them to add contact information like email addresses and phone numbers for follow up. 
  • Identify qualified leads. Landbot’s chatbots can ask your visitors qualifying questions about their needs or interests so you can score and segment them accordingly. 
  • Increase conversions. Landbot can recommend specific products and services to your visitors based on their questions and responses, increasing the likelihood of a sale. 


Landbot’s free plan gives you 100 chats per month. Paid plans start at €32 per month on an annual billing schedule.

15. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the Swiss Army knife of content creation. Personally, I’ve used it for everything from recommending food and wine pairings to coaching me through the technical details of a very stressful website migration. 

As far as creating lead magnets, ChatGPT comes in handy in many ways. For example:

  • Generating lead magnet topic ideas
  • Creating outlines and content for eBooks, planners, and checklists
  • Writing video and webinar outlines and scripts
  • Expanding on and enriching existing content
  • Drafting social media posts and follow-up email sequences for your lead magnet


The free version of ChatGPT should get you by for simple content creation tasks. If you’re a power user, though, it’s definitely worth upgrading to Plus ($20 per month) for features like Internet browsing, DALL-E, and the Advanced Data Analysis feature. 

Tips for outsourcing lead magnet creation and promotion

An alternative to building your own lead magnets in-house is to outsource the work on freelance marketplaces and job boards. My favorite sites for this are Upwork, Fiverr, and ProBlogger. 

Taking Fiverr as an example, here are just a few of the lead magnet-related gigs freelancers are currently offering on the platform:

  • eBook writing and design
  • 3D book cover and product box mock-ups
  • Custom illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Newsletter opt-in forms and landing pages
  • Drip campaign copywriting
  • Video tutorial of your software
  • Custom printables like planners and calendars 

If you go the route of outsourcing your lead magnet, consider hiring a freelancer who is also an industry expert to create a case study or tutorial in collaboration with your brand. 

What I mean by this is figuring out the type of person your target customers dream of becoming, and then finding that person and having them write about how they achieved a specific task — bonus points if they can use screenshots of your software or product, but this isn’t always necessary. 

You’d explicitly credit this person as the author or subject of your eBook or video tutorial, which has a couple of benefits:

  •  First, it makes your resource feel more authentic than it would if you just slap a corporate logo on it and call it a day. Let’s face it — sometimes it’s better to bring in the fresh ideas and experience of an outsider. 
  • Second, if your author has a following in your niche, they’ll often be happy to help promote a resource with their name on it to their followers. 

For example, I worked on some lead magnets for a music-related site where I hired a couple of freelancers who were earning a passive income by selling their music via production music libraries. They each wrote an eBook discussing their favorite free sample libraries or composing techniques. 

These lead magnets ended up performing better than a generic “top tips” guide created by someone on a marketing team, because they were real-world experiences of freelance composers who were out in the trenches making money. 

For these types of case study lead magnets, Upwork is a good place to start looking, because it has (literally) millions of freelancers with every kind of professional background you can possibly imagine. So don’t be afraid to be very specific in your job posting about the type of person or case study you’re looking for — you might be surprised at the results. 

Summing up

A well-placed lead magnet is a powerful tool for generating more leads, improving lead quality, and boosting conversion rates in B2B marketing. These top lead magnet tools can help you at every step of the creative process, saving you time, money, and frustration while fueling your lead generation strategy.

4.8/5 from 228 reviews
4.9/5 from 158 reviews
4.9/5 from 155 reviews
4.91/5 from 154 reviews

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