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8 Ways Website Investors Can Use Encharge to Increase Value and Traffic

Encharge is a marketing automation tool that helps startups grow their customer base, website value, and brand.

It offers numerous features, benefits, and integrations and is fast becoming one of the leading email marketing and growth automation tools.

This article will focus on how Encharge can help website flippers, whether buying or selling websites.

You’ll discover why marketing automation is helpful for website investors, the specific features of the software that can help you as a website flipper, and we’ll finish with an example of using a lead nurturing campaign to strengthen your business.

Let’s get started.

What is a website Investor (website flipper)?

A website investor (or a website flipper) is someone who buys and sells websites. They look for good investment opportunities on website selling platforms to make a profit around a year later.

For example:

A savvy investor visits a website broker marketplace and notices a website for sale for $30,000. The website has passed the buyer’s vetting checks and earns $857 per month, so this sale has a correct valuation using a 35x multiple (35 multiplied by monthly income).

The website flipper buys the site and, over the next 12 months, will:

  • Add content targeting specific keywords.
  • Redesign the site
  • Increase monthly revenue by adding various monetization methods
  • Build good backlinks

In around 12 months, the website earns $2,000 per month and is now worth $70,000, so the investor sells and makes a $40,000 profit.

Why a marketing automation tool is crucial for website flippers

Marketing automation tools like Encharge are essential for website flippers because they help you to:

  1. Increase your traffic, which increases your website value
  2. Use lead nurturing tactics to get more sales and visitors 
  3. Offer a more straightforward and less expensive way to sell your sites
  4. Build your email list faster

8 reasons why website flippers should use Encharge

You now know what website flipping is and how using a marketing automation tool can benefit you.

So, let’s take a closer look at the eight reasons website investors should use Encharge.

1. Build a subscriber email list to add value to your website

You will get more money when selling a website if the site has an active email list. In addition, the more extensive the email list will typically result in a higher valuation, so using the features available on software tools like Encharge will help you build your list faster.

2. Segment your audience to target the right people with relevant content

A great feature of Encharge is the ability to segment your users. For example, you can segment them by completed tasks, registered users, products purchased, links clicked, etc.

As a website flipper, this helps you target your subscribers at the perfect time, which will help to increase traffic and user experience (UX), and encourage repeat visitors.

The email below shows you how a website flipper targets visitors to a website flipping blog who have clicked a link that shows a list of website brokers, providing the most relevant articles for that person.

This email was sent to a segmented list one day after the visitor clicked the link. As the visitor has shown an interest in website brokers, the chance of them clicking the links is high and will raise your page views.

3. Nurture your subscribers to increase engagement

Marketing automation is a great way to nurture your subscribers. If you do this correctly, you can direct them down a marketing path by carefully writing emails that target the right people.

It’s all about empathy, knowing your audience, and striking while the iron is hot.

The example email below shows you how to introduce yourself to your subscribers and start a nurturing campaign with them.

4. Lead nurture to increase page views and income 

Towards the end of this article, I’ll give you an example (including a template) of using lead nurturing as a website investor.

But for now, understand that lead nurturing is arguably the best feature you have at your disposal to improve your website flipping business.

You can lead nurture your subscribers to improve your page views and website income and as a strategy to sell your website.

Here is an example of how Odys (website domain broker) uses email to start a lead nurturing campaign. Notice how he’s asking a question to get the nurturing process moving:

5. Track email clicks to gather essential insights.

Another benefit is tracking your email clicks to gather essential insights into what your subscribers are most interested in reading and learning.

Knowing what links in your emails (and on your website) get clicked the most will help you plan to create content around specific topics and subjects.

For example, if you notice a trend that more people are clicking on links that offer tutorials, then create more tutorials to increase traffic, shares, and exposure.

Click tracking will also help you understand your audience better and make it easier to build your brand.

In Encharge, you can quickly build segments of people who clicked on a specific email link using segment conditions and later use that segment to send targeted campaigns.

6. Take email personalization to another level to increase open and CTR (click-through-rate)

The more people you get to your site, the more income you earn from sales and advert clicks, so it makes sense to do everything you can to encourage a higher click-through rate.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by personalizing your emails. 

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, ‘72% of consumers claim that they will only engage with website and business owners who use personalized messaging.

With Encharge, you can use their in-built personalization features to create emails that get better open rates.

Below is an example of an email using personalization from Pat Flynn — it’s about his affiliate marketing course, which website flippers can take to increase revenue on the site:

7. A/b split test for maximum engagement.

A/b split testing will help website flippers to test the best headlines, links, and email content. 

For example, if you run a split test and find a link that works best, or a separate email (content) has a better response rate, you can use these more often.

How this works is simple, you run two broadcast messages side by side and see which one results in more clicks and opens over a set amount of time. 

8. Strengthen your brand

Email automation can help you build your brand because it allows you to develop meaningful relationships with your visitors.

You can send specific information to only those on your list that are likely to be interested in it, and as a result, you build a better relationship.

Using a combination of all the features and benefits mentioned in this article will enable you to send emails to segmented areas of your choice and, in return, will produce better engagement.

Automation also frees up time for you to concentrate on using other tactics to build your brand. Once you have set up your email flows, it works like clockwork, with only minor tweaks needed now and again.

How a website flipper can use smart lead Nurturing to make more money

As promised, let’s look at how a website flipper can use a lead nurturing campaign on Encharge to make money from their investments.

There are many ways to do this, so we’ll look at three popular methods.

But first, what is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a way for you to nurture your subscribers through their journey on your website and email list— you guide them down a path of your choice.

For example, you have a website offering a free cheat sheet on finding the best deals on Flippa (Flippa is a website marketplace). Once a subscriber enters their email and clicks the submit button, a set of emails will be drip sent to them offering more information on selling websites.

The content is welcoming and targeted; you know they are interested in buying websites because they have downloaded the free cheat sheet. 

Doing this will get you a higher click-through rate and, in return, more page views on your site, resulting in more income.

That’s pretty much what lead nurturing is; you can learn more by reading this in-depth article on lead nurturing, and for more ways on how to use the tactic as a website investor, see the methods below.

Method 1. Capture leads with a lead magnet.

A website investor can offer a lead magnet to get more subscribers to sign up to their email list. The lead magnet could be a free report, cheat sheet, video, etc.

Here are a couple of examples of how websites use lead magnets to build their email list.

The example below is from The Website Flip; they offer case studies, guides, and websites for sale.

Another great example from Quiet Light brokerage, which offers a free website valuation as a lead magnet:

With support and integration with external forms, when subscribers enter their details, it sets off a series of automated messages. You can also add a tag to the web form, so you can email those who have downloaded the report in the future with targeted content.

You can add unlimited events and emails to the flow and set it up, so the subscriber gets targeted content for months. In addition, you can add other tags and triggers to set up another series of emails.

Method 2. Help inactive users

You can set up a lead nurturing campaign targeting inactive users on your email list. Doing this will help you get more traffic to your site and potentially get the visitor to buy a product or service.

The process is simple. First, create an email flow targeting your inactive subscribers and send them a series of automated messages. You can start by asking them if they need any help regarding the website or free report, or maybe provide them with an onboarding video.

The email example below is from Ubersuggest and shows you how they use email to offer help and support for new customers (you can change this up slightly to suit your needs when contacting inactive users.

The opportunities are endless; you can get a percentage of your subscribers who were ignoring you to check out your website or specific web page. Furthermore, you can do this on autopilot — all it takes is a little effort to set things up.

Method 3. Increase affiliate income with webinar lead nurturing

Use this lead nurturing method to increase your monthly income through affiliate products. 

Encharge activates the automation once a web page is visited, so if a visitor sees a page that has a product review, the trigger is activated. Then, the emails targeting an affiliate product start to go out.

For example, a visitor reads a review on your website but doesn’t click the link to purchase the product. Automatically, an email you have pre-written is sent to them asking if they need any help with the product — in the email, you provide a basic FAQ answering the popular questions.

One day later, another email offers a free webinar related to the product ( this could be a pre-recorded webinar from the affiliate product owner).

Doing this will increase your affiliate income and gives you multiple ways to get the visitor to purchase the product on autopilot:

You can also add further emails to the flow if you wish — imagine doing this for every review you have on your website!

Remember, the more you earn, the more you will increase the value of your site when selling.

Below is an example of an email using a webinar as a way to earn affiliate income:

Further reading: How to Automate Your Webinar Follow-Up Emails for Higher Attendance & Conversion

An email template for website flippers using lead nurturing

You can use the email template below as part of your website flipping business to make things easier, cheaper, and faster when selling your website.

The plan is to target those who are actively buying websites so that you can offer them sites in the future.

Follow these steps, and then use the email template as you please.

Step 1. When selling a website, offer the buyer a free video or report on how to increase traffic to the site. (tell them it’s specific to the niche of the site).

Step 2. Send them to a page on your website with the signup form

Step 3. When they enter details, your email flow will automatically start and send them the free short report

Step 4. One day later, send an email asking them if they’re interested in being on your exclusive list to be offered websites for sale before going on marketplaces or broker sites.

Step 5. Ask them to click a link in the email if they are interested, and Encharge will auto-tag them so you can send new website offers when available.

Because they have already purchased from you in the past, there’s a good chance they’ll say yes. If you did this for all your sales, you could start to build up a list of proven website buyers.

The following template works well:

Subjectline options: 

  • Exclusive list for website buyers
  • Want first dibs on new sites
  • Save on broker fees

Email Body:

Actionable takeaways

Encharge is a beneficial SaaS tool that offers many features perfect for growing your website as a website flipper.

You can grow your email list, personalize, nurture, lead score, and more to increase the page views on your website. Get a free 14-day trial (no card needed) and check it out for yourself.

Here are the actionable takeaways from the article:

  • Marketing automation tools help you to increase traffic and sales.
  • The features and benefits of email automation are perfect for website flippers.
  • Personalization will increase open rates.
  • Email automation saves you time to concentrate on other business matters.
  • Lead nurturing is a powerful tool to grow website traffic.
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