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11 Powerful Zapier Alternatives to Supercharge Your Marketing Automation Plans

Let’s admit that we’ve all been there. No matter how good we’re at it, sometimes being in marketing feels like an endless monotony when we have millions of small tasks lined up for the day. 

We all hate that part. Right? 

Enter marketing automation and Zapier. 

There’s no denying that automation has made our lives better. Over the years, we saw an explosion in the number of marketing automation tools. But let’s agree, Zapier has been our first love ❤️ since it came to the scene. Despite a common “financial” concern (if you know what I mean)

In this blog, we’ll share 11 Zapier alternatives as powerful as Zapier but much cheaper.

What is Zapier?

Have you ever dreamed of Superman or Wonder Woman-like helper at work? 

Zapier allows you to connect different apps and services and automate workflows. Like a swiss army knife, Zapier makes life easier for you. 

✅ Want to automate social media posting. Check

✅ Want to automate texting your team when you get a new lead. Check. 

✅  Want to auto-populate the grocery list based on a recipe or meal you want to prepare tonight? Hell, Zapier can do that too. Don’t trust me? Check out this thread. 

The point is — Zapier is like a superpower for any entrepreneur, business owner, or marketer. 

It allows us to connect all the apps we use to make our work much easier and snappier. People use it to create and manage calendars, automate workflows, connect their favorite apps, and do things.

But like every cloud with a silver lining, every shiny object isn’t always gold. 

Zapier comes with a hefty price tag that might not be ideal for every small business, seed-stage startup, or business owner who’s just sitting in their mom’s basement.

We all love Superman, but we won’t love Superman if he starts charging for every noble deed he does for humanity. Right? 

After all, we all have bills to pay. 

With a pricing plan starting at $299 per month (to be useful), Zapier can be pretty steep, especially for early-stage startups. 

So, today, let’s look at some viable Zapier alternatives that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Make (formerly Integromat)

Earlier known as Integromat, Make is an all-in-one automation platform. If you were an early adopter, you’d know how far they’ve come (not just in branding). 

Make allows you to handle complex tasks and automate everything through powerful workflows. Make supports 1,000+ apps and has almost 6,000 ready-to-use automated flows to get you going. 

Make calls itself a digital platform that empowers startups, entrepreneurs, and even enterprises. And they just don’t take care of workflows but entire business processes. 

The platform’s no-code experience and conditional logic to build complex flows are certainly something you’d want to grab at the price they ask. Make has a free plan and a starter plan starting at just $9 a month, definitely something worth spending a little bit of money on.  

Learn more about the Make’s Encharge integration

What’s good about Make? 

  • Shared workspaces to share data across siloed functions and departments.
  • Visual, no-code integration builder to create new flows and automate tasks. 
  • Affordable price tag with no limits on the number of active scenarios (recipes/frameworks/flows).
  • Supports 1,000+ apps and 6,000+ ready-to-deploy templates. 

Make vs. Zapier — Comparison 

PricingStarts at $9 per month for 10,000 operations per month. Check the pricing page here Starts at $19.99 for 750 tasks per month
Number of flowsUnlimited active scenarios in the starter planOnly 20 zaps are allowed in the starter plan
Supported Apps 1,000+ standard apps + custom apps & webhooks in the free plan4,000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom WorkflowsNo code workflow builder and unlimited custom scenarios in the base planLimits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logic and flows in the starter plan


IFTTT is one of the oldest automation platforms out there. Launched in 2011, it is still one of the most useful, relevant, and robust integration solutions for the B2C market

The best part about IFTTT is that you can use it for marketing and all kinds of IoT applications and use cases. Today, the platform hosts more than one billion applets (unique recipes) per month, making it one of the most powerful automation platforms. 

Heard of the conditional “if-then” statement? 

IFTTT stands for “IF This Then That”, which means you can use it for anything and everything. The platform connects apps and IoT devices, services, and even brands to trigger automation and complete tasks by creating applets. 

IFTTT was a free service before launching its pro plan in September 2020.

The platform is primarily geared at the B2C market and homeowners. With IFTTT, you can automate things like your home security, camera, or even your coffee machine! Pretty cool. Right? 

 What is good about IFTTT? 

  • An automation builder for everything — devices, services, apps, and more. 
  • Unlimited applet runs even on the free plan.
  • Cheap compared to other Zapier alternatives.
  • An endless library of readymade applets (developer contributions to the explore page).

IFTTT vs. Zapier — Comparison 

PricingFlexible parity pricing model starting from $4 per month for unlimited runs (operations). Check pricing plans hereStarts at $19.99 for 750 tasks per month
No of flows 20 applets 20 zaps
Supported apps700+ apps + custom flows4,000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom workflowsMulti-action applets with easy flow builder (if this, then that format) Limits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logic and flows in the starter plan

Zoho Flow

If you use Zoho One to manage work and operations, Zoho Flow is your best automation option. Even if you don’t, it’s a pretty fantastic automation builder. 

It is a simple and affordable way to integrate different apps and reduce work siloes. The drag and drop builder with a custom scripting language allows you to build complex flows to automate your business processes.

With 20 flows and 1,000 tasks per organization per month starting at just $10 per month, Zoho Flow is a pretty decent Zapier alternative that can do the trick.

What’s good about Zoho Flow? 

  • No-nonsense pricing plan, starting from just $10 (and parity pricing based on your country).
  • Uncomplicated drag-and-drop flow builder with a custom coding feature for designing detailed flows and reformatting data between apps. 
  • Native integration with Zoho One suite for people who love keeping everything on a single platform 

Zoho Flow vs. Zapier — Comparison 

Zoho FlowZapier
PricingStarts at $10 for 1,000 tasks per month. Check pricing plans hereStarts at $19.99 for 750 tasks per month
No of flows20 flows per organization 20 zaps
Supported appsSupports all Zoho One suite apps + popular SaaS tools and apps. 4,000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom workflowsCustom drag and drop flow creator + dedicated scripting tool for advanced workflows and use casesLimits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logic and flows in the starter plan


Integrately is one of the biggest automation platforms out there. Their website claims to have 8+ million ready automations for 700 apps. 

Compared with other Zapier alternatives in this list, Integrately has some cool pre-made workflows and an extensive library.

The clean UI of the dashboard is a cherry on the top, too. 

You can use Integrately for everything you do with Zapier at a fraction of the cost. The starter plan (equivalent to Zapier) is $19.99/month and supports 14,000+ tasks, while Zapier supports only 750 tasks at the same price point.

Learn more about the Encharge Integrately integration.

 What’s good about Integrately? 

  • Eight million ready automation flows across 700+ apps 
  • Segmented dashboard with categories for most popular use cases like project management, website builders, funnels, etc. 
  • Smart Connect feature that automatically connects apps (no time lost in connecting them).

Integrately vs. Zapier — Comparison 

PricingStarts at $19.99 for 14,000 tasks per month. Check Integrately pricing hereStarts at $19.99 for 750 tasks per month.
No of flows20 automations20 zaps
Supported apps700+ apps supported using an extensive library of one-click integration recipes4000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom workflowsCustom webhooks with branching using if-else statementsLimits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logic and flows in the starter plan

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is probably the only automation suite in this list that’s available as a lifetime deal. But don’t get confused by the one-time price tag.

Pabbly is a fully-functional Zapier alternative that’s just more affordable.

Pabbly Connect comes with many exciting add-ons that make it a viable alternative to Zapier. With 800+ integrations and free internal tasks and triggers, it makes sense to go with Pabbly if you need to automate lots of tasks daily.

The free internal tasks cover all triggers and internal steps that make the platform 3X more efficient than other platforms. Some internal tasks include text formatting, scheduling, date-time formatting, data forwarding, etc. You can just imagine the use cases for your agency or startup. 

Learn more about the Pabbly Connect Encharge integration

What’s good about Pabbly Connect? 

  • Generous free Plan with unlimited lifetime deal.
  • Workflow scheduler for automated runs without external triggers. 
  • API connection feature to connect (and integrate) any application of your choice with an API.
  • Free advanced internal tasks like filters, routers, etc. for more efficient automation flow usage.
  • All plans support unlimited team members, compared to Zapier which supports teams only on the Team plan ($299/mo) and above.

Pabbly Connect vs. Zapier — Comparison 

Pabbly ConnectZapier
Pricing$19 monthly plan for 12,000 tasks per month (Lifetime deal available). Check Pabbly Connect pricing here Starts $19.99 for 750 tasks per month
No of flowsUnlimited automation20 zaps
Supported apps800+ apps with custom API support to any SaaS product + instant webhooks4000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom workflowsUnlimited custom workflows even in the starter planLimits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logic and flows in the starter plan is a simple yet powerful automation suite that connects to 200+ cloud apps and supports webhooks and Rest APIs for other apps. 

Hailed as a modern iPaaS platform, believes in data security without compromising on the collaborative benefits of creating automations. Think of it like your own framework creator that you can use, like Zapier. 

The drag-and-drop interface, support for popular apps across categories and power to create multi-action bots (complex automation) on a starter plan makes it a potential Zapier alternative. 

What’s good about

  • Simple drag and drop automation flow creator with team-wide collaboration features
  • 200+ integrations across all major apps across marketing, CRM, eCommerce, payments, etc. 
  • Supports Rest APIs and webhooks for custom integrations and flows. 
  • Retry feature and API downtime handling to minimize chances of failures during the execution of workflows. vs. Zapier — Comparison 

PricingStarts from $9.99/month for 600 tasks per month. Check pricing plans hereStarts at $19.99 for 750 tasks per month
No of flows20 bots 20 zaps
Supported apps200+ standard + premium apps (1 premium app in the starter plan) 4000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom workflowsCustom workflow creator in starter plan (with limits) Limits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logic and flows in the starter plan


A dedicated marketing automation tool designed to keep sales and marketing data synced, Outfunnel will connect your CRM, marketing, and sales pipeline in minutes. 

The beauty of Outfunnel is in the capability to keep your CRM and marketing contacts in sync. 

We all know how messy it gets once we start scaling. Right? 

Well, Outfunnel gives you the power to automate your sales, marketing, and growth operations without worrying about data inconsistencies. It also shares data automatically between sales and marketing for perfect alignment. Lead scoring and web tracking are some other useful features that would make your life easier. 

What’s good about Outfunnel? 

  • Dedicated marketing automation tool for sales-marketing alignment 
  • Supports all major sales and marketing suites like HubSpot, PipeDrive, SalesForce, Airtable, and Copper 
  • Hundreds of readymade integrations and workflows to get you started 
  • Lead scoring and marketing automation features to tie your marketing efforts to lead gen and revenues 

Outfunnel vs. Zapier — Comparison

Outfunnel Zapier
PricingStarter plan starts from $19/month for 2500 events. Check Outfunnel pricing plans hereStarts at $19.99 for 750 tasks per month
No of flows5 flows in the starter plan20 zaps
Supported appsHundreds of integrations across popular marketing, sales, and CRM software4000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom workflowsCustom workflows and dedicated app connectorsLimits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logic and flows in the starter plan


Workato helps you create dedicated automated workflows for IT, marketing, sales, HR, finance, and practically every other operation within your company. 

If you have a large team and believe in keeping everything on the same page, Workato can be your favorite solution instantly. Designed for enterprise-grade connections with absolute security, Workato is used by industry leaders like HubSpot, HP, and Atlassian. 

You can use Workato to create use-case-based automated workflows like product-led sales, employee onboarding, automated invoice processing, and hundreds of other operations across the enterprise. 

So, if your ambitions (or needs) are large-scale and you need something buffed up, you should check out Workato for sure. 

What’s good about Workato?  

  • Designed for enterprise-grade operations.
  • Has virtually unlimited use cases across different siloed departments like IT, marketing, finance, sales, customer success, etc. 
  • Dedicated solutions for 1000+ apps, Slack-powered automation, workflow automation, and enterprise PaaS.

Workato vs. Zapier – Comparison 

Workato Zapier
PricingOn-demand enterprise pricing model.Starts at $19.99 for 750 tasks per month
No of flowsUnlimited based on requirements 20 zaps
Supported appsUnlimited (custom integrations) 4000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom workflowsUnlimited Limits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logic and flows in the starter plan

Microsoft Power Automate

This is the Microsoft equivalent of IFTTT. You can use Microsoft Power Automate as your go-to tool to automate most of your daily tasks.

Power Automate works on three fundamental pillars — Digital process automation, robotic process automation, and business process automation. Topping up these needs with a layer of AI using Microsoft’s AI Builder gives you the power to get an assistant to suggest the processes you should automate (and how to do the same). 

You can use Power Automate to create integrations for email, productivity, notifications, data collections, and even social media. Think of this as Zapier but more refined for enterprise-level automation.

Not only can you automate routine tasks, such as sending out emails and completing financial reports, but you also set it up for automating customer service calls and scheduling appointments. Automate all repetitive and error-prone tasks to save time and money.

You can use its inbuilt AI features to automate document processing, detect images or text, or use pre-trained AI models to explore possibilities of removing mundane tasks from your routine. 

What’s good about Microsoft Power Automate? 

  • AI-powered automation builder to assist with the creation of workflows across business processes, digital processes, and robotic processes.
  • Native integration with Microsoft office suites to collect and manage data seamlessly. 
  • Inbuilt process advisor to unearth bottlenecks and discover possibilities of higher efficiency.

Microsoft Power Automate vs. Zapier — Comparison 

Microsoft Power AutomateZapier 
Pricing$15 per user per month. Check Power Automate pricing plans hereStarts at $19.99 for 750 tasks per month
No of flowsUnlimited cloud flows20 zaps
Supported appsThousands of connected apps. Check the complete directory here4000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom workflowsIn-built tools to create custom flows with process advisor and AI-builderLimits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logics and flows in the starter plan

Positioning itself as an all-encompassing integration and automation platform, Tray does much more than just integration. It’s perfect for automating complex business processes.

You can create workflows with that use up to 600+ app connectors in order to automate your business tasks. And they’re not limited to just operations. is an advanced Zapier alternative that takes security and data connections between apps seriously. Tray prioritizes scalability and cross-service data transformation from other standard integration features to ensure smooth flows. 

According to its website, the data sharing between apps is where the real magic happens. Under the drag-and-drop visual flow, building layers lies its unique logic and flow of processes that helps anyone build complex flows that rarely fail because of data inconsistencies. 

You can use Tray for all use cases, from account-based marketing/sales to email personalization, lead management, routing, and sync. 

What’s good about 

  • Simple yet powerful drag-and-drop builder with visual and code-based automation configuration options
  • Advanced conditional logic, including Boolean conditions, branching, loop connections, etc. 
  • Connects with any SaaS product using RESTful API with deep data linking (and fetching) to ensure no data field is ignored vs. Zapier — Comparison Zapier
PricingEnterprise-level plans start at $1000 per month Starts at $19.99 for 750 tasks per month 
No of flowsUnlimited templates, flows and users20 zaps
Supported appsConnect with any app or software using RESTful APIs and custom webhooks 4000+ standard apps + 3 premium apps + custom webhooks in the starter plan
Custom workflowsLow-code workflow builderLimits and restrictions on usage/limits of custom logic and flows in the starter plan

Appy Pie Automate

Appy Pie Automate is a powerful and engaging Zapier alternative that enables users to automate workflows easily. It offers a no-code platform that connects various applications and services, creating custom automations for diverse tasks.

With its intuitive interface and extensive range of pre-built connectors and templates, Appy Pie Automate caters to users of all technical levels.

Appy Pie Automate allows workflow automation through integration across 300+ apps, offering various customizations. Its easy-to-use features built into the app integration platform help you create workflows with advanced functionalities like scheduling, delay, router, and more. It is a cost-effective option that ensures high-security standards within its integrations.

Some of the most popular integrations offered on the platform are Slack integration, Mailchimp integration, Tableau integration, NetSuite integration, and many more.

What’s good about Appy Pie Automate?

  • Quick and Smooth workflow without writing a single line of code
  • Provides customizability with high security standards
  • Cost effective plans with a free trial available
FeatureAppy Pie AutomateZapier
Supported appsSupports 1000+ appsSupports 3000+ apps
PricingFree plan available; affordable plans starting at $12/monthFree plan available; plans starting at $19.99/month
Customer Support24/7 customer support via chat and emailEmail support with faster response for premium plans
Custom workflowsFlexible and customizable workflowsHighly customizable workflows
Advanced FeaturesAI-powered automation, advanced workflow automationBuilt-in app connections, webhook support

BONUS Tool: Encharge

Wait. The list isn’t over yet.

Encharge is a powerful marketing automation tool that can help you automate several marketing tasks. Encharge connects your marketing, sales, revenue ops, and growth initiatives. 

Our automated Flow Builder can help you with a lot of tasks like lead scoring, user segmentation, email personalization, lead nurturing, and more. 

Unlike other Zapier alternatives that charge based on the number of tasks, we’re more focused on audience building and relationships with your customers. In other words, the core of Encharge is not the tasks but the people in your account.

Think of Flow Builder as an intersection of an email marketing suite, universal connector, and a sales-marketing alignment tool. 

You can use the Flow Builder just like any other tool on this list to automate marketing tasks and take your user onboarding, lead nurturing, or personalization experience to the next level. 

The best part: Encharge integrates with Zapier and most of the Zapier alternatives like Make, Integrated, Pabbly, Konnectzit, and SpiderSync, so you can use these in conjunction to create your flows (and automation army). 

All Zapier alternatives compared

PriceEase of SetupNumber of IntegrationsFeature that stand out
MakePaid plan starts at $9 per month for 10k operations monthlyNo code workflow builder + ready-to-use integrations1,000+ standard apps + custom apps & webhooks in the free planShared workspaces for collaboratively building flows
IFTTTParity pricing model that charges anywhere between $2-$10 based on your locationEasy workflow setup using a simple ‘if-else’ statement creator700+ apps + custom flowsHuge applet library growing every day with developer contributions 
Microsoft Power AutomatePaid plan starts at $15/user per monthDedicated tools with custom flows, process advisor and AI-builderThousands of connected appsPowerful AI builder to suggest automation flows for business processes, digital activities, and routine tasks
Zoho Flow BuilderPaid plan starts at $10 per user per monthDrag-and-drop flow builder with dedicated coding script for advanced flow creationSupports all apps of the Zoho One suite + popular SaaS tools and apps Custom code your own workflows (for reformatting data between apps) along with a drag and drop flow builder 
IntegratedPaid plan starts at $19.99 per month for 14k tasks Intuitive UI and flow builder dashboard + extensive library of readymade automation flowsSupports 700+ apps using an extensive library of one-click integration recipesMassive library of readymade automation and Smart Apps Connector for automated connections
Tray.ioPaid plan starts at $1,000 per month Low-code workflow builderUnlimited templates, flows and usersAdvanced conditional logics and custom, on-demand implementations 
OutfunnelStarter plan starts at $19 per month for 2500 events (even a lite plan for $6 a month for 250 events) Readymade integrations and low-code workflow builder to get started Hundreds of integrations across popular marketing, sales, and CRM softwareDedicated marketing automation tool for deep sales-marketing alignment 
WorkatoEnterprise pricing model (on-demand quote) Low/No-code integration core with UI-based automation for quick implementation Unlimited custom integrations Dedicated workflows to connect siloed departments and keep the entire organization on the same page
Automate.ioStarts at $ 9.99 per month for 600 monthly tasks Simple drag and drop automation flow creator 200+ standard + premium apps (1 premium app in the starter plan) Retry feature and API downtime handler for minimizing execution failures
Pabbly Connect$19 for 12000 tasks per month (Lifetime deal available)Easy-to-use no-code automation builder800+ apps with custom API support to any SaaS product + instant webhooksFree internal tasks that make automation more efficient (in terms of operations) 

Zapier alternatives — final words

That’s all! These are some of the most effective alternatives to Zapier — in case you’re thinking of automating your work. 

Automation is a strong force that can take your business to the next level. If you’re planning to scale up rapidly, pick up a tool that will save you time, money, and effort. Remember, never choose a tool for its capabilities alone. Tie its features to your use cases and automation objectives. Once you’ve got the right alignment between your goals and your technology, the world will be at your feet. All the best! 

4.8/5 from 228 reviews
4.9/5 from 158 reviews
4.9/5 from 155 reviews
4.91/5 from 154 reviews

Meet your new marketing automation platform

Customer messaging tools don’t automate workflows outside your product and marketing automation tools are bad at behavior emails. Encharge is the best of both worlds — a marketing automation platform built specifically for B2B SaaS businesses

“Encharge helped us visually redesign our onboarding flow resulting in a 10% increase in our trial activation rate."

Camille Richon
Founder Payfacile
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Marketing automation
Create user journeys that convert, onboard, and retain customers.
Lead nurturing
Nurture email leads into trial users and customers.
User onboarding
Boost product activation and guide your users to value faster
Trial conversion
Smart marketing automation and behavior-based emails to double your trial conversion.
Success Stories
Landbot automates the onboarding for 80,000+ users while saving 320 hours/month
Confect transitioned to Product-Led Growth and increased user engagement by 28%
Samdock reduced the cost and time spent on acquiring a new customer by 77% with Encharge
Flow builder
Create remarkable user journeys with a robust and easy to use visual flow builder.
Send targeted one-off newsletters to your audience or a segment of people.
Behavior emails
Send targeted emails when people do or don’t do something in your app.
Event management
Track, create, and edit the actions that happen in your product
User segments
Create user segments with the market’s leading segmentation for SaaS.
User profiles
See the people behind the actions and access the full view of your customer data.
Email personalization
Get your users to act with highly-personalized emails.
Email editor
Design beautiful mobile-ready emails without any HTML skills.
A/B tests
Drive email engagement with A/B tests for your Broadcasts and your Flows.
Lead scoring
Identify interested users and best-fit customers and proactively reach out to them.
Website tracking
Track page visits and form submissions on your website in real-time.
Build and implement native forms on your website with just a few clicks.
Free email verification
Free email verification for all your contacts in Encharge, on all plans.
Transactional emails
Send emails like password reset, payment receipt, single sign-on link from your app.
Company profiles
Nurture, onboard, and convert whole teams with account-based marketing
Custom objects
Store and customize all your data the way you use it right inside of Encharge
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