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38 Best HubSpot Integrations by Use Case

As of July 2020, HubSpot boasts over 500 apps in its marketplace ecosystem. Today that number is probably twice as high. HubSpot has become so ubiquitous in the sales and marketing world that almost every single tool out there integrates with it. 

With an ocean of integrations available, it would be tough to choose the right tool. Of course, you won’t aimlessly surf the HubSpot marketplace for cool applications (unless you are an app connoisseur with a lot of free time on your hands). You need a specific solution — either an integration that extends the built-in functionality of HubSpot or a cheaper alternative to their native features. 

Regardless of what integration you are searching for, we got you covered. We asked 75 marketers and startup founders to share their best HubSpot integrations. Then we organized all of the highest-rated results into groups by their use case. 

Understanding the Marketplace Pages

Before we dive into each of the apps, let’s do a quick walkthrough of the integration pages, so you understand better if a particular integration would work for you.


Some integrations are built by HubSpot themselves, while 3rd-party companies make others.


This section indicates if you’d be able to install the app on your plan. Note, however, that the green mark for compatibility doesn’t indicate that you’d be able to use all of the integration features. 

Important: this section also shows the required plan on the 3rd-party app for you to use the integration. Some apps only support the HubSpot integration on their premium plans.

Resources are external support links. HubSpot support contact detail and Integration features are self-explanatory.

Shared data

This area is critical to understanding how data flows from one app to the other. 

For instance, in the Mailchimp example below, you can see that List members (e.g., contacts) are only transferred from HubSpot to Mailchimp and not the other way around. In comparison, email activity data is sent from Mailchimp to HubSpot only. 

Note that some HubSpot integrations are only supported through HubSpot Data Sync — a two-way sync feature, part of the HubSpot Operations Hub. The good news is that these integrations support a seamless sync in both directions. The bad news is that you’d need to pay extra if you want to sync additional contact custom field data. Learn more about the pricing of Operations Hub in our HubSpot pricing review.

Lastly, we have all of the HubSpot features that the integration integrates with and the price of the tool/integration.

With these details out of the way, let’s jump into the best highly recommended HubSpot integrations.

Analytics and Research


Databox is a data reporting and visualization tool that allows you to unify data points from different sources such as HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot Service Hub, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and more. You can display that data in a meaningful way so your teams can gather insights with a quick look at the dashboards.

“In a matter of minutes, Databox provides us with day-to-day insights. Because of its smooth integration with HubSpot, you’ll think that HubSpot has insider knowledge! Creating custom rules and segments using Google Analytics is also a significant advantage. We appreciate that we can see HubSpot data directly alongside Google Analytics data.”

William Westerlund,
Co-Founder at Almvest

“Databox has allowed us to move away from Excel spreadsheets and provide clients with attractive dashboards containing only the statistics they care about, which they can access at any time. It allows us to examine all of our performance data in one place. It connects smoothly with HubSpot and enables us to create custom rules and segments for use with Google Analytics and other marketing platforms. We like being able to see HubSpot data alongside Google Analytics data.

The system’s intuitiveness is unmatched. Other tools we’ve used have been incredibly complicated, and we’ve had to use the support of a developer to get answers. The advantage for us is the integration’s simplification. We can get responses without going into HubSpot or using the API.”

Sumit Bansal,
Founder and CEO at TrumpExcel

“Databox reports are very comprehensive, and their visualizations are easy to understand and analyze. With the Databox integration, we’ve been able to shorten the reporting process time by 60%. Our reporting has been simplified to the extent that we don’t even need a separate marketer to create them, helping us reduce costs.”

Zephyr Chan,
Founder of Better Tools


Typeform allows you to collect lead information and survey responses with beautiful personalized surveys. The HubSpot integration with Typeform will sync all respondee data and will enable you to create deals, companies, and custom objects from the responses.

“Filling out a form is frequently required to convert a visitor into a lead or a customer. We use Typeform for data collecting, joining up for a service, requesting additional information, or rating things. Typeform gives us all of the tools needed to build any form that attracts, engages, and leads to conversions. We use it to generate documents, polls, and even quizzes for our visitors. With the HubSpot connection, all information is instantly updated and synced.”

Andrew Dale,
Technical Director at CloudTech24


SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular survey tool. The integration with HubSpot allows you to sync survey response data to contact timelines and trigger HubSpot flows when a person responds to a survey (note that you need HubSpot Marketing Hub for this).

“SurveyMonkey makes it easy for our business to conduct surveys in order to get real-time feedback from our customers. With the capacity to gather immediate input from prospects and consumers, companies can quickly make better business decisions and address customer issues. Data relating to specific customers is passed, and custom contact properties are created as a result of this interaction. We then send automated campaigns based on survey responses or other information acquired that may not have been available in HubSpot.”

Jared Bauman,
Co-Founder and CEO, 201 Creative

“SurveyMonkey is a great integration for Hubspot that helps us as a business to identify ways in which customers want us to serve them. The integration has significantly improved our surveying capacity on Hubspot and created an efficient system that helps us process survey data. We use the SurveyMonkey integration to automatically synchronize responses in HubSpot, identify and add new contacts, and activate automation that helps segment contacts using different demographics. With SurveyMonkey Integration, we have gathered over 1300 user responses last month.”

Ankit Kaul,
Excel Trick


Hotjar is a suite of website analytics tools, including heatmaps, user recordings, feedback pop-ups, and surveys. The integration with HubSpot allows you to see feedback and survey data as activity on the contact timeline, providing deeper insights into your leads and customers.

“We use heatmaps to see what our visitors do on our website with Hotjar. We also use polls to gain feedback on our deals, website design, and features, among other things. Our HubSpot leads are linked to the polls they take, thanks to the Hotjar connection. To put it another way, if someone in your database selects a specific option on your poll, you’ll be able to view their selection on their profile.

We use queries like ‘Are you looking for software to automate your proposal writing?’ to assess whether someone is an MQL (marketing-qualified lead) or an SQL (sales-qualified lead). We can tell right away if we’ll be able to make a sale or not. 

You can additionally segment the data based on user behavior and apply tailored messaging to target your market.”

Tanner Arnold,
President & CEO at Revelation Machinery

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console integration will enrich your HubSpot analytics data with information about the top Google keywords that your posts appear for and daily and monthly impressions. You can add this data to your HubSpot dashboards.

“Knowing what people search for is essential for bringing traffic to our website. We employ keywords to attract people who are likely to become clients. Google Search Console assists us in locating such keywords and determining how our HubSpot site performs in Google searches. This data drives our marketing strategy in order to increase conversions.”

Tiffany Payne,
Head of Marketing at Replace Your Docs


Use List Insights to see helpful data visualizations of the demographics and firmographics of your HubSpot contact list. Craft your content & messaging based on the make up of your audience.

Versium REACH collects your best leads and customers in HubSpot and provides cross-channel insights about them, creating the perfect audience for your marketing efforts.



Pandadoc is an eSignature, documents, quotes, and contracts tool. This integration enables you to generate and edit proposals and docs right inside HubSpot from any deal, contact, or company.

“Using PandaDoc’s document workflow technology, we can convert leads into sales. All inside one platform, we can easily develop proposals, produce quotes, draft contracts, use built-in eSignatures, collect information, and exchange responses.”

Michael Hess,
eCommerce Strategy Lead at Code Signing Store 

“We use PandaDoc to generate and edit contacts in Hubspot. It can auto-populate new documents with each prospect’s company and contact information. Contracts can then be sent to prospects to be signed with legally-binding eSignatures.

The PandaDoc integration has allowed us to achieve a faster workflow by streamlining our process for creating and signing contracts. It’s easy to create templates and edit them as required before sending them out. I particularly like the fact that all parties to the contract are instantly notified of any action that occurs. For example, the sender is notified when the recipient opens the contract document.”

Dean Kaplan,
CEO of The Kaplan Group


The Gmail HubSpot integration is indispensable for using HubSpot as a sales tool. It gives you superpowers both in the HubSpot CRM and in Gmail Inbox. It logs emails sent from Gmail in HubSpot CRM and tracks email opens and clicks in real-time.

In Gmail, you get HubSpot templates, sequences, meetings, and more.

Note that you need to install a Gmail plugin to access some features like the templates and open/click tracking.

“Our salespeople send emails from their standard inbox using the HubSpot and Gmail integration while also getting more performance information. The Gmail integration captures performance data on opens and clicks, something you can’t receive from a normal one-to-one email send. Furthermore, all emails are kept in individual contact records, allowing sales to keep track of communication frequency and past message history. HubSpot also includes time-saving features such as templates, sequences, and meetings for the team.”

Steve Pogson,
Founder & E-commerce Strategy Lead at FirstPier


Salesforce is the most used sales CRM today. The integration with HubSpot brings a bi-directional two-way sync of all Leads/Contacts, Accounts (Companies in HubSpot), Opportunities (Deals in HubSpot), and Tasks.

Google Calendar

With Google Calendar for HubSpot, you can schedule Google meetings right inside HubSpot and send invites to guests. Your leads can book a timeslot that works for both of you without the back and forth. Moreover, if you schedule a meeting in Google Calendar with a HubSpot contact, the event will appear on their contact timeline.

“For a stellar HubSpot Integration, try the Google Calendar App. This integration has you covered if you want to simplify the meeting-making process. It allows us to log a meeting in our CRM, create a calendar event and send invites to those in attendance — and do it all simultaneously. This makes our scheduling a far easier process.

If you plan to use it for discovery calls, say goodbye to those awkward rescheduling moments. The meeting tool only shows prospects’ time slots that work for you and removes those outside of your designated work hours. This means no more back-and-forth emailing to find a time that works for everyone.”

Patrick Casey,
Director of Growth Marketing at Felix Health

Lead Generation

Zoominfo Inbound Enrich

Zoominfo is one of the largest providers of sales lead intelligence. This integration is pretty straightforward — it will enrich your HubSpot contacts with data from their database, including data points such as location, company, phone, and more.

“ZoomInfo Enrich automatically searches ZoomInfo to complete HubSpot contact information. It has helped us find and win customers who don’t complete forms or when we have incomplete data.”

Bill Peatman,
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Prialto

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is the go-to tool for salespeople doing cold outreach on LinkedIn. This integration gives several handy features, such as the button to send InMails directly from HubSpot contact records and a glance at shared connections, experiences, interests, and related leads.

Calls and Meetings


CallRail is an analytics platform for calls and inbound leads. It provides insights into your calls by syncing all call and text message activity with HubSpot.

“CallRail is my favorite HubSpot connection since it tracks and analyzes incoming calls, texts, contact forms, and chats, allowing us to determine which marketing strategy is most effective in promoting conversions. With CallRail data, we know where to double down for the best return and which ads need to be tweaked.

By integrating CallRail with HubSpot, we can sync our data across all platforms, giving us a more comprehensive lead database to use for lead conversion. Call tracking links incoming calls with their marketing source, form tracking detects what activities or sources led to a consumer completing a form, transcribes our calls, then saves them using tagged keywords so we can find them later and call our leads.”

Adam Wood,
Co-Founder of RevenueGeeks


Calendly is the most popular appointment scheduling tool out there. This integration allows you to create contacts and activities in HubSpot when a meeting is scheduled. You can also update activities on the contact in HubSpot when an appointment is rescheduled or canceled and map Calendly responses to HubSpot fields. 

“Calendly allows us to capture contact information when a meeting is scheduled. It has certainly helped make me and my sales team more effective, especially as we all work virtually these days. Our salespeople are spending 25% less time on admin and CRM updates each week, which allows them to make more sales calls.”



CloudTalk keeps you connected to your HubSpot contacts via its trouble-free 3-click HubSpot integration. With the integration, your Sales and Support teams will be more effective with its updated phone system, effortless call initiation with call data, synchronized SMS, and CloudTalk actions in HubSpot Workflows. 

“CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system that can be used by various teams, including sales, customer service, and marketing. The integration allows us to make calls straight away by clicking on our HubSpot contacts, getting caller information and syncing our notes, tags, contacts, and even recordings.

As a result, we can gain faster access to essential information that is constantly up-to-date across all platforms, boost the efficiency of any team that provides phone-based support, automate repetitive processes, and find plenty of new business opportunities.”

Marc Stitt,
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at FMX 

Chili Pipper

Chili Piper is an advanced routing and booking automation solution that gives you a seamless process for qualifying, routing, and booking meetings with your leads instantaneously. Its integration with HubSpot lets you increase your conversion rate, book handoff meetings right away, and a two-way syncing of data.

“We use Chili Piper to book meetings instantly. Clients complete our HubSpot web forms, and representatives can schedule meetings in seconds. We save time not doing this process manually.

We use this integration to engage with our target audience. This engagement is not just when they visit our site but also throughout the entire purchasing process. It also helps us track customer experience. As a result, we can see where to improve my strategies. With the help of this integration tool, we’ve been able to retain more customers and increase our sales by almost 20%.”

Dan Skaggs,
Owner and Small Business Marketing Consultant at One Thing Marketing



Full disclaimer: this is us

Encharge offers a powerful and affordable alternative to HubSpot Marketing Hub. Encharge is a full-featured marketing automation platform that integrates natively with HubSpot. In fact, we re-built our HubSpot integration in Nov 2022 and currently offer one of the most robust native marketing automation integrations with HubSpot.

The Encharge <> HubSpot integration supports two-way sync of contact and company data

Some of the things you can do with HubSpot and Encharge include:

  • Sync contact and company data in both directions.
  • View all of your email marketing activity from Encharge in HubSpot.
  • Automatically add your HubSpot CRM contacts to Encharge.
  • Create new deals in HubSpot when a contact is created or updated in Encharge.
  • Create or update contacts, companies, deals, tickets, or any other record in HubSpot at certain stages of the automation flow.
  • Start a flow in Encharge when someone books a meeting or submits a HubSpot form.
  • Update deal stage in HubSpot based on activity in Encharge or other tools in your marketing stack

Learn more about our HubSpot integration

Encharge flow
Encharge email activity in HubSpot contact activity feed

Facebook and Facebook Ads

HubSpot offers two native integrations — for Facebook social media scheduling and another for Facebook Ads. The Facebook integration allows you to schedule social campaigns from HubSpot. Note that you need HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional plan and up to use. 

The Facebook Ads integration will create targetted lookalike audiences from your HubSpot contacts and sync Facebook ad leads directly to your CRM. You can also generate ad reports directly in HubSpot.

“When it comes to interacting with new leads obtained through social media advertising, the HubSpot-Facebook integration saves us a ton of time. Combining all of the data into a single dashboard, it makes scheduling articles and measuring social media activity much easier. We get all of our ad performance data, including ad spend, click-through rates (CTRs), and conversions, without having to go into our Facebook account.”

Jamie Opalchuk,
Founder & CEO at HostPapa

Google Ads

Track your keywords' performance.

Similar to the Facebook Ads integration, you can create targeted Google ad audiences with your HubSpot leads and track your ad performance in your HubSpot Dashboards.

“We use the Google Ads integration in a couple of ways. The most important is tracking where prospects came from and what campaign, ads, and keywords they saw. This integration allows us to get highly targeted with our advertising by creating segmented audiences for our ad campaigns that are always in sync. A great example of this is Target Accounts, our sales team can identify the companies they are targeting, and we can show them targeted ads to build brand recognition. All this happens on autopilot; no need to upload lists or create spreadsheets.

The biggest thing the Google Ads integration has helped us achieve is a reduction in CPA. We’ve been able to sync target audiences and create exclusion audiences. We use HubSpot’s Google Ads integration to sync our current customers’ list and our list of unqualified leads. We’ve seen over a 25% reduction in CPA on Google Ads by removing unqualified leads for our audience and not marketing to customers. By creating a lookalike of our current customers were able to convert those visitors 2x higher than our campaign averages.”

Regan McGregor,
Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Vervoe 

Seventh Sense

Native integration with HubSpot to build testing cohorts.

Seventh Sense offers two HubSpot integration. Email Delivery Optimization — AI that maximizes the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns in HubSpot by optimizing the correct times to send emails. And Split Test Automation — an essential email A/b testing tool for HubSpot.

“One of the most difficult aspects of email marketing is improving recipient engagement by encouraging them to open the email and connect with it in interesting ways. Getting someone’s attention in the inbox is difficult, but we can improve our chances by using the information from Seventh Sense. We enjoy using its powerful AI to forecast email recipients’ actions. It enables us to see how consumers interact with our emails, gain insight into how to improve deliverability and increase opening and click-through rates over time.” 

Amar Vig,
Managing Director at London-fs


Increase Event engagement visibility

Eventbrite, the popular event management and ticketing platform integrates directly with HubSpot so you can see event activity in your contact records’ timelines and segment leads based on event information.

“We use Eventbrite as a filter in our marketing contact lists. Since the integration captures the data we need from the Eventbrite registration into HubSpot, we can keep track of those who have registered for one of our free workshops or seminars. Using this information, we can quickly populate a list and follow up with recorded versions of our events for those who were unable to attend or want to watch again. We also know who to reach out to for future events with this information. 

It has proven extremely valuable to collect new leads and track which contacts are registering for and attending our health research sessions. It has helped us keep our contacts informed of future workshops, seminars, or other relevant content that is important to them.”

Alix Mitchner,
Marketing Specialist at Labfront

Support and Customer Success


Sync your Intercom leads and conversations to your HubSpot CRM and access key HubSpot data about your leads right from your Intercom Inbox.


Sync contacts and conversations from Drift to HubSpot. With Drift and HubSpot, sales reps can personalize their outreach or follow up on a certain activity. Marketers can create HubSpot workflows or send emails based on conversations in Drift, providing personalized communication for each lead.

“We love this HubSpot integration because it makes our lives so much easier by helping us build, scale, and maintain a quality sales pipeline. With this integration, we can sync contacts on both platforms. The syncing is bi-directional, meaning we don’t have to waste time importing and exporting contacts to and from each platform.

The integration also saves us time and energy on filtering and qualifying leads, and assigning them to a designated lead handler. Moreover, we can also live chat with prospects, analyze their behavior on our site, and customize workflows that are aligned to the conversations our team is having with leads on Drift.

We’ve realized a dramatic improvement in sales conversations owing to this integration, with our average revenue-per-sale increasing by nearly 40% since bringing the two platforms together.”

Jylian Russel,


Zendesk ticket activity is synced with your contact timelines

This integration creates new HubSpot contacts from Zendesk ticket requests and adds support ticket activity from Zendesk to your HubSpot contact record timelines. 

“In our store, all customer tickets and requests are created and managed through Zendesk’s system. Whenever there is an activity in a customer ticket, whether it was created, closed, or rated, HubSpot automatically syncs and adds the ticket information to our customer’s profile page. If there is no existing customer profile yet, then Hubspot creates a new one for us. 

We use this integration because it helps us consolidate all necessary information about our customers on one profile page. With this, we can see if a customer profile is actively experiencing issues and identify what their concerns usually are. We can improve our targeted marketing strategies by seeing relevant ticket information from our customers. This gives us a broader perspective about their pain points and how we can help them.”

Perry Valentine,
Founder at AtPerry’s

App Automation


Scale your productivity.

With Zapier, you can connect HubSpot to more than 1,000 other apps and automate tasks across your whole marketing and sales stack.

“Zapier has done wonders for reducing the risk of siloed data across the board. Outside data sources (such as social lead ads, event management platforms, Google Sheets, or payment processing/e-commerce solutions) can be simply connected to your HubSpot interface to sync with new or current contact records. There’s no need to manually enter contact information or put together data sources in the hopes of creating a complete contact record.”

Sara Johansson,
Customer Success Manager at Onsiter 

“We use Zapier to automate for people with hectic schedules. It helps us move information between HubSpot and linked apps automatically, so clients can retain focus on primary work activities. Coincidentally, we also use Zapier to link apps with a few clicks so that they can share data. Using Zapier has not only improved our marketing operations but increased client acquisition by 45%, a whopping increase from last year.”

Daniel Foley,
Marketing Specialist at

Make (formerly Integromat)

Build faster than ever. Create without limits.

Similar to Zapier, Make allows you to automate tasks and complex workflows across your apps. The major difference with Zapier is that Make is more visual and allows for much more advanced automation.

“Make is a more powerful version of the Zapier service. All of my favorite technologies, such as Elementor Forms, our user console, SendGrid, HubSpot, Slack, and Google Analytics, are connected to it without any coding. It can support considerably more sophisticated workflows than I am capable of creating with Zapier.

In addition, the connection allows me to integrate HubSpot with any tool via the use of webhooks from HubSpot or the uploading of data into HubSpot. Example: We linked it to our operational database so that whatever data we entered into HubSpot and our database was automatically synced, triggering actions on both ends of the transactional transaction.”

Matt Weidle,
Business Development Manager at Buyer’s Guide 

Google Sheets

Add the Google Sheets integration as a standard workflow action

Automatically send HubSpot contacts, deals, or other objects to new or existing Google Sheet rows.

“This integration allows me to access my HubSpot data from within Google Sheets and made it easy to keep track of my Hubspot activity in a centralized location. Prior to integrating Google Sheets with HubSpot, our team used a manual process to collect and track data. This was time-consuming and often led to errors. The integration has helped us automate data collection and reporting, improve accuracy, and save time.

First, we created a new Contact property in HubSpot called “Last Google Sheet Update.” This allowed us to track when a contact was last updated in our spreadsheet. Next, we created a custom integration using the HubSpot APIs. With this integration, we are able to update contacts in HubSpot automatically whenever their information changes in our spreadsheet.”

Krishna Rungta,
Founder at Guru99

Data Cleaning


Segment your results and rid you HubSpot lists of bad data

Improve your email desirability and email sender reputation. Neverbounce imports your HubSpot contacts and verifies their email addresses.

“HubSpot prides itself on email deliverability — so much so that if your emails receive too many bounces, unsubscribes, or spam reports, your account could be flagged. So, how can you ensure that your contact lists are appropriately cleansed from old or unengaged contacts without hours of manual work? We use NeverBounce to flag any false email address, whether fake, misspelled, or no longer in use. It led to a large decrease in email bounces, unsubscribes, and spam for us and a big improvement in list accuracy and email engagements.”

David Wurst,
Owner and CEO at Webcitz


Integrate Insycle with HubSpot Workflows for automation

Insycle offers a set of native HubSpot integrations. The most popular is Insycle Data Management. This integration will deduplicate, import, associate, format, and cleanse your CRM contact data to fully automate your data maintenance process in HubSpot.

“Insycle helps us to safely and efficiently handle, import, and clean HubSpot CRM data. Insycle integrates with our HubSpot database, allowing us to make mass updates, standardize formats, consolidate repetitive contacts, and import data, among other things.

For improved segmentation and reporting, Insycle assists us and our clients in maintaining a clean HubSpot CRM database. It locates duplicate contacts and firms in any field and merges them in bulk with a few mouse clicks.

Closing the loop and receiving reports has saved us at least 4 hours per month per customer. All of this saved time is then returned to the customer because, thanks to the data from Insycle, we can now make more correct judgments and use all of that time to help them achieve even more success.”

Jay Soni,
Marketing director at Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Content Marketing


Select which HubSpot form the Unbounce leads will be sent to.

This integration with popular landing page builder Unbounce will automatically add all your Unbounce leads to your CRM when a lead submits a form on your landing page.

“Unbounce provides AI technologies that help us develop personalized landing pages that maximize our conversions. Their Smart Building tool makes it easy for us to create high-conversion pages. We also use their AI writer to create Smart Copy material. Finally, AI evaluates our visitors and directs them to the landing page, most likely to result in a conversion. This has increased our conversion rate by up to 30%.

When you connect Unbounce and HubSpot, you can collect data from your landing pages and then utilize HubSpot to nurture and convert those leads.”

Samuel DeCroes,
President of Stock Trend Alerts

Add content blocks, customize with Google Fonts, and much more. is a drag-and-drop page builder and form creator for HubSpot. With Belch, you can build custom landing pages without touching a single line of HTML code. 

“With Belch, I hit ‘Publish to HubSpot’, and all the code is already there. Its value is that it can save up to 90% of development and design time when building new landing pages and email templates. Every agency should get it. Using Belch as an E-commerce company, BarBend has been able to save money on three different types of work, including marketing and development.”

Josh Pelletie,
CMO at BarBend


Connect Beacon to HubSpot, browse through your content archives and select a range of blog posts to combine into an eBook. Choose a professional template for your eBook and change all text and design elements to suit your brand.

Beacon creates eBooks and other content upgrades from your HubSpot blog posts.

“Beacon makes creating e-books and content for us a breeze. It contains a drag-and-drop intuitive interface that makes it easy for people who aren’t designing or tech-savvy, in addition to templates for various types of eBooks/content offers.

We use the HubSpot CMS to publish our blog. With Beacon, we can import blog entries into an ebook template. It automatically formats the content according to the template, allowing us to make an ebook from blog content in under five minutes.  We also create and preserve templates, which come in handy if you’re making content offers for various clients. Setting up your brand templates only takes an hour or two, and then it’s as simple as pie in the future.”

Veronica Miller,
Digital Marketing Manager at VPNoverview


Easily add video to landing pages in HubSpot

Embed Vidyard videos into your HubSpot landing pages and track viewer engagement right inside HubSpot. See video engagement metrics such as which videos people watch the most, when, and how long.


Contact timeline where you can see full contact activity.

Create HubSpot lead capture forms and embed them on your WordPress website. Sync all lead capture data with your HubSpot CRM.

Project Management and Team Communication


From a deal press create project to create a project in PSOhub

PSOhub offers project management solutions, including time tracking, and invoicing. With this integration, you can convert your deals to projects and track your time directly. 

“Using PSOhub with HubSpot has enabled me to keep track of every aspect of my workflow. I can automate my contract management workflow. Instead of creating invoices from scratch, it helps my company send them through HubSpot. It saves time and allows me to manage my company budget easily. In addition, it saves a good amount of money by reducing administrative work and focusing on clients.”

Jitesh Keswani,
CEO of e intelligence   


Slack’s integration offers a set of deep native features like Slack actions — you can create tasks, deals, and more, right inside of Slack. It also provides Slack commends, allowing you to list all recent deals, dashboards, and more.



Make manual data entry a thing of the past

This integration offers a Bi-directional two-way sync between HubSpot contact data and Stripe. You can make fields from Stripe to HubSpot and get all the billing data in both of the tools.

“Stripe has had a great integration with HubSpot for a time now, allowing us to track and monitor purchase behavior with contacts right within the HubSpot CRM. The integration became much stronger in 2021. With HubSpot quotes and payments, we can provide clients with a more streamlined payment and invoicing experience. Where there was previously a data sync between two independent platforms, HubSpot marketing assets (forms and quotes) can now be used while still relying on Stripe’s payment processing capabilities. This provides a seamless experience on a platform that our clients are already invested in and use.”

Dan Close,
Founder & CEO, We Buy Houses in Kentucky

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Meet your new marketing automation platform

Customer messaging tools don’t automate workflows outside your product and marketing automation tools are bad at behavior emails. Encharge is the best of both worlds — a marketing automation platform built specifically for B2B SaaS businesses

“Encharge helped us visually redesign our onboarding flow resulting in a 10% increase in our trial activation rate."

Camille Richon
Founder Payfacile
See why Encharge is different
Use Cases
Marketing automation
Create user journeys that convert, onboard, and retain customers.
Lead nurturing
Nurture email leads into trial users and customers.
User onboarding
Boost product activation and guide your users to value faster
Trial conversion
Smart marketing automation and behavior-based emails to double your trial conversion.
Success Stories
Landbot automates the onboarding for 80,000+ users while saving 320 hours/month
Confect transitioned to Product-Led Growth and increased user engagement by 28%
Samdock reduced the cost and time spent on acquiring a new customer by 77% with Encharge
Flow builder
Create remarkable user journeys with a robust and easy to use visual flow builder.
Send targeted one-off newsletters to your audience or a segment of people.
Behavior emails
Send targeted emails when people do or don’t do something in your app.
Event management
Track, create, and edit the actions that happen in your product
User segments
Create user segments with the market’s leading segmentation for SaaS.
User profiles
See the people behind the actions and access the full view of your customer data.
Email personalization
Get your users to act with highly-personalized emails.
Email editor
Design beautiful mobile-ready emails without any HTML skills.
A/B tests
Drive email engagement with A/B tests for your Broadcasts and your Flows.
Lead scoring
Identify interested users and best-fit customers and proactively reach out to them.
Website tracking
Track page visits and form submissions on your website in real-time.
Build and implement native forms on your website with just a few clicks.
Free email verification
Free email verification for all your contacts in Encharge, on all plans.
Transactional emails
Send emails like password reset, payment receipt, single sign-on link from your app.
Company profiles
Nurture, onboard, and convert whole teams with account-based marketing
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