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Event Reminder Emails With Templates & Examples (The Complete Guide)

Event reminder emails can please your clients, boost sales, and help to fill your upcoming event.

To sell out events, webinars, and have a crowd full of people throwing fifty-dollar bills at you.

Am I being dramatic? 

Maybe, but think about it for a second.

Webinars and events are a great way to turn a profit, and many marketers are making a killing from them. People will throw money at you if you provide quality information, advice, and a solution to help them.

Maybe not in a literal sense, and of course, all results vary, but filing your event is a great way to make this a reality.

You need to do everything you can to pack the place out. Whether this is an online setting or a sports hall in Taipan, you want to sell out.

And that’s where reminder emails can help you. They keep things fresh in mind, catch people at the right time, and, if written correctly, will get you the numbers you need.

This article will teach you how to write event email reminders like a seasoned pro. You’ll get templates, tips, advice, and a bunch of examples to keep you inspired and motivated.

Let’s jump right in.

What is an event reminder email?

An event reminder email is sent to remind your clients, customers, and leads about an upcoming event. You send them in stages leading up to the event, with the first one being sent around 14 to 7 days before the event.

Here’s an example process of an event timeline for an upcoming seminar:

Seminar Event Reminder Sending Times

Email SendingDays Before
First Reminder14
Second Reminder10
One week’s Notice7
Three Days Before 3
Day Before24-hours
Day Of EventFew hours before

Why do you need email reminders for events?

It depends on the type of event you’re reminding them about, but the main reason in general for all occasions is to remind them.

I know that stating the obvious, but it’s true.

Of course, we can use these emails to add attendees, provide information, encourage, and so on, but the main reason is to remind them about the event.

If the event is an online webinar, you could remind them about:

  • The event itself
  • Inviting their friends
  • The time it starts
  • What they need

If the event is an offline Masterclass in a hotel, you can remind them to:

  • Book accommodation
  • Plan their travel
  • Be on time
  • What to bring

Another reason they’re so important, particularly for online events, is because people live busy lives. They have so many appointments, jobs, family duties, and they forget unless you remind them.

Event reminder emails are crucial, and that’s why we need them.

How do you send a reminder email for an event?

The best way to send reminder emails is through your email marketing automation software

You can automatically set them up to go out at specific times and add triggers and tags to start a lead nurturing campaign with those who haven’t yet signed up for the event.

For example, your first email is sent 14 days before the event. You send it to those who have already signed up and to the rest of your email list. The reminder email contains information for those who have signed up and a link for those interested in the event; when someone clicks on the link, they activate a trigger, and your lead nurturing process begins.

You can then send a sequence of emails to the lead explaining why they should sign up for the event. 

How do you write an email reminder?

Writing emails is a skill that you learn and get better at the more you do it. When writing emails, and in this case “event reminder emails,” you need to make sure that you write them correctly for best results.

There are certain foundations that all business and marketing emails should contain. Before writing your own, make sure they have the following foundations in place.

8 crucial foundations of a reminder email

1. Get personal

When writing your emails, you should make them personal by addressing them by their first name. A simple touch can go a long way, and it does increase your email marketing success.

Think about it. When you receive an email saying, “Hey there, Hey You, and so on — it’s not good, and you feel less connected and, in return, less likely to click the links or trust them.

Make sure you add personalization to your email subject lines and the primary email body itself. Epsilon backs this theory up by releasing a stat stating that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from you if you address them with a personal touch, so make sure you’re doing it with your emails.

2. Remind them what they need

You’re reminding them about an event, so it’s common sense to mention what they need to bring with them, yeah?

Well, you’ll be surprised how many event reminder emails I’ve seen that don’t tell you this.

Inform those who have signed up for the event about the things they need, such as:

  • Something to take notes with
  • A laptop or tablet
  • Worksheets
  • Time in their schedule
  • Physical or digital business cards.
  • And so on

3. When and where

Include details in the email of where the event is taking place and when it starts. If it’s an online event, such as a webinar, let them know when to log in and provide the link to the event in the emails.

If it’s an offline event, include a map of the venue. 

4. Jog their memory

Remind them why they’re attending the event and what the event will provide them. Again, you can do this in a short paragraph or two and add a bulleted list of the benefits.

Your job is to keep the interest high, especially if it’s a free event.

5. Contact details

People will have questions, and some will want to ask you directly, so be sure to add your email address, phone number (when applicable), and any other support platforms related to the event.

6. Travel details

If the event is offline, be sure to add travel and accommodation details. For example, let them know the travel routes from certain areas and provide information about the hotels where the event occurs.

7. Be Grateful

Let them know that you appreciate them signing up for your event. A simple line of text saying thank you is all it takes, and it does go a long way.

You could even go further by recording a thank you video and attaching it to the email.

Customer experience is essential to retain and keep a happy customer base.

8. FAQs 

Include an FAQ in your emails about the event. Yes, this is in addition to offering them your contact information.

A list of popular questions regarding the event will please most of your clients, so be sure to address most of the concerns they may have.

5 event reminder templates

Below is a list of five templates that you can use when sending out an event reminder email. 

You can use them as they are or add to them to suit your needs.

1. First event reminder email for a webinar (sent 7-14 days before the event)

2. Offline seminar event reminder email (14 days before the event)

3. Black Friday sales event reminder email

4. Event reminder email from an affiliate

5. Event reminder email (24-hour notice)

10 event email reminder email examples from live websites and businesses

Below is a list of ten emails that have been sent from websites and business owners reminding their subscribers about an upcoming event.

1. Event reminder email from Namecheap

This email is from Namecheap. They’re reminding their customers and subscribers about an event that is due to close soon. 

They offer a discount, scarcity, and provide many links to other product offers on their website.

2. University Event Reminder 2 weeks before the event

This reminder email is from Liverpool Hope University. They are reminding you to attend an open day event two weeks before the actual date.

They provide a timetable with contact details attached; the date and time of the event are in the email. 

3. Bruce Clay email example reminder (24-hour notice)

Bruce Clay is an SEO guru, and the email below is his 24-hour notice for his webinar. Notice how he provides the benefits of attending, keeps the registration page open, and offers all the information you need about the upcoming webinar.

4. Pamela Wilson reminder email to purchase a program to receive a bonus

This example is a bit different because Pamela is reminding you to purchase her program to receive a free bonus — a free live event.

She shares the program’s benefits in the email, the purchase link, and a video explaining the course and event.

5. Eben Pagan email reminder (affiliate marketer email example)

This is an email reminder from Eben Pagan, reminding his subscribers about an upcoming event from one of his affiliate partners.

Notice how he uses empathy to relate to the reader.

5. Dr. William Li example email about an event coming soon

The email below is from Dr. Willaim Li, who reminds you about his upcoming masterclass about eating to beat disease.

The email shows the relevant links, time, date and also touches on the benefits of attending.

6. Apple online event reminder

Apple hosted an online event for developers. The below email is an example of how they reminded their subscribers to sign up for the event.

They use an easy-on-the-eye template and have sectioned the benefits of attending to a nice templated box area.

7. Another Apple event reminder (Frank Bell class)

Another reminder email from Apple. This time they use a different approach and write the event reminder with a straightforward process.

They provide the time, date, directions, and expectations from the live event.

8. Chimp Essentials reminder email (1-hour short reminder)

This is a 1 hour before the event example reminder from Chimp Essentials. They’re sending out a short to the point reminder for an upcoming Q&A live session.

10. The Dots multiple event reminder examples

The final reminder email is from The—Dots.  The difference with this email is that they are reminding people about multiple events occurring over the next few days.

They show the date and links for the event sign-up page.

6 pro tips to increase open rates with event reminder emails

Open rates are crucial when sending out any email, but they are even more so for an upcoming event.

The open rate for 2020 dropped to an average of 21.3%, so it’s essential to spend a little time perfecting your subject lines.

Here are some tips to increase your open rate.

  1. A/B split test.  Test and tweak your email subject lines to increase your open rate.
  2. Personalization. Personalize emails, and add {{person.firstName}} to your email subject lines.
  3. Segmentation. Be sure to segment your subscribers and only send to the right people. 
  4. Lead nurturing. A great way to increase your open rate is to use triggers in emails and content. This way, you can send emails that the subscriber is more likely to be interested in receiving.
  5. Curiosity. Try to create subject lines that offer curiosity. A subject line will get more attention if you use empathy to get inside their minds.
  6. Take your time. Spend a fair bit of time coming up with the best subject lines. Brainstorm them and create as many as you can in an hour or so, then leave them for 24 hours, come back and edit them. This will help you to create great subject lines. Then, you can test them with email subject line testers to see if they are good enough to use.

Now it’s time to write your email reminder emails.

Go out there and spend a few hours creating your event reminder emails. Use the templates, tips, and examples in this article to help you.

Add as many crucial event email foundations as you can, split test, and edit them to perfection.

If you do the above, your events will have a much higher chance of attracting a bigger and more engaged audience. 

Good luck!

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